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Events Starting THIS Sunday!

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We hope to see you at events starting this Sunday in La Grange!Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 1.55.37 PM

THIS SUNDAY, Aug. 3. La Grange -- at the lovely Bugle Boy, free film showing 2-5 pm. It's all about fracking, water and the failure of the state of Texas agency charged with regulation -- the Texas Railroad Commission. Click here for more!

NEXT THURSDAY, Aug. 7. Giddings, Giddings Library, 7 pm. Stop the Water Grab! Lee Countians are getting organized -- be there!!! Click here for more!

WEDNESDAY, August 13, 7 pm, likely at the Bastrop Convention Center. Stay tuned, you Bastrop & Lee County residents. The Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District has called a special meeting to consider the pending permit application for EndOp, in their quest to receive 46,000 acre feet per year from the Simsboro aquifer under Lee and Bastrop counties. (Note: Lost Pines GCD's regular meeting is on Wednesday, August 20th in Giddings -- don't be confused.)

STATEWIDE CANDIDATE DEBATE IN SEPTEMBER - Forth Worth. Wouldn't you just love to see a candidate debate in the Attorney General's race AND the hottest State Senate race in Texas? That is Senate District 10, in Senator Wendy Davis' old Senate District. Reply if you want to help or give us a call!

CITY OF AUSTIN RESIDENT? You may know that there is a voter revolt going on in Austin to make growth pay for itself. If you'd like to organize a forum with the City Council candidates running in November, reply to this message or call us at 512-213-4511.

Thanks for sending folks to sign the Petition for Local Control and Property Rights -- and to Stop the Water Grab -- on our home page. Keep it going!

PS If everyone receiving our messages joined the League -- starting at even the modest $10 per year -- we would have more than enough funds to do our work this year.  Please join up y'all!

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Hogs Gone Wild. Simpson takes the indy cake. Events!

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  • Thanks for signing our local control petition -- if you've done it. Spread it for us, won't you?
  • We still have "Stop the Water Grab" yard signs - reply if you want one!
  • Join our bi-weekly conference call this Saturday at 9 am. It will be with Cathy McMullen of Pass the Ban. Cathy will explain why the citizens of Denton are using the most powerful tool for local control that exists in Texas -- the petition for a public vote. Denton voters will have the option to regulate fracking in their city limits. Join us! Reply if you need the number.

Railroad Commission Reform?

Should we be screaming from the rooftops that the RRC is "quietly" making recommendations to close the infamous "T-4 loophole"? Remember, we Texans (Julia Trigg Crawford, Debra Medina, David Holland, Jim Hightower...and more) been telling you -- for years -- that all the pipeline companies have to do to get the power to seize your land through eminent domain, is check a box on a T-4 form at the RRC that they are “common carriers”. No questions asked.

What we’d like to scream is more like, “what took ya so long?”, since the Texas Supreme Court, no less, said the T-4 was a problem – in the Denbury Green decision rendered in 2011!

Maybe we shouldn't look a gift-horse in the mouth. Here are the proposed changes, which we applaud. (There are others needed on eminent domain reform, but that's not really the RRC's purview).

Can we be honest? While the RRC recommendations are mostly very positive, no one believes the agency anymore. So, even if they do pass these rules, will they really enforce them? If they mean to enforce them, where is the request for additional funding to do so?

Can we stop pretending? Did you catch outgoing RRC Chairman, Barry Smitherman's attempt to undermine the rights of Denton citizens to local control? Is it not the people's right, under the Texas constitution, to regulate fracking within their city limits, especially in light of failure of the RRC and the Denton City Council to do so? Smitherman, the dutiful industry lapdog embarrasses himself in this letter -- click here.

The truth is that we Texans are at the mercy of the hogs in oil and gas gone wild. They are happy as pigs in slop with no regulation. And most every state official is going along with this. You certainly don’t hear candidates in either party running for the highest offices -- Governor and Lt. Governor -- breathing a word about this, do you? Please, y’all, prove us wrong!

Join us on Saturday's call.

Simpson takes the independent political cake...again!

Remember, Rep. David Simpson (R-Longview) was the ONLY Texas House member who stood up for our water against Proposition 6 last November. Now he's raised the bar on the discussion about the border crisis. Though the League has no position on this issue, we deeply appreciate politicians (and, for that matter, newspapers), who take a stand for what they think is right regardless of the stampede going in the opposite direction. Read this in the Longview paper!

Mark Your Calendars!

Lee County: Thursday, August 7, at 7 pm, the League is holding a meeting at the Giddings Library. We’ll be talking about…you guessed it…how to continue the battle to win protection of groundwater from pumping at levels that harm aquifers. Come get a “Stop the Water Grab” yard sign. Details here for you to share!

Fayette County:  Sunday, August 3rd, 2-5 pm, there’s a free film showing of Gasland II at the Bugle Boy in La Grange. League Board member and a leader in the fight for eminent domain and fracking reform, former DISH Mayor, Calvin Tillman, who is featured in the film, will be on hand for comments following this event. Details here – reserve a FREE seat now!

Open League Board Meeting: We will have a strategy and planning session soon. If you’re interested in attending, let us know -- members only, please!

Is it not yet clear why we all need to take a step back from the parties and tell them no one owns our votes? Get along, little dogies -- join the League, if you haven’t yet, pay some dues, or send us a donation AND/OR volunteer some time to us!

We appreciate y’all, especially Charlotte, who donated substantial hours to our administrative needs this week! Wanna talk about any of this? Share a comment below...we love hearing from ya!

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Eminent Domain Call!

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Unfortunately, our server went down on July 4th, a few hours after we sent you a request to sign our Petition for Local Control and Property Rights. So, please try again if you missed it!

Yes, we know that we are petitioning the politically deaf! The Governor, several state agencies and candidates running in November have their own narrow agendas -- usually. But this is really not about them. It's really about building a statewide network of people to flood the legislature in January 2015.

Twelve Hundred AcresClick here and do the deed! Please use the Facebook link to send it out to your friends!

Our next conference call is THIS Saturday at 9 am. Our special guest is Kathy Hubbard of the Brazos River Bottom Alliance. Visit this section of our website to read more about this important battle to protect the most PRIME FARMLAND in Texas from eminent domain abuse, or click on the picture to watch the video.

If you have the conference line already, please use it. If not, reply to this message or call us for it.

Now make sure you sign the petition and pass it on won't ya?! (And don't forget to join the League, but of course!)

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The Texas green tea party — Sign the Petition for Local Control!

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Jim Hightower at the Capitol with Julia Trigg Crawford and Debra Medina, June 2013

If you believe that Texans must and can unite -- call it the green tea party, if you like -- across the partisan divide, to protect our land, water, air and property rights, please sign this petition for Local Control and Property Rights. Then spread it across the land!

Here's the text of the petition -- be sure to sign it in the window below it and use the Facebook button to share it:

Dear Governor, Commissioners of State Agencies and leaders of both parties:

Whereas, the Governor of Texas, Texas state agencies (including the Railroad Commission, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Texas Water Development Board) and leaders in both parties, are so influenced by the top two lobbies in Texas (real estate and oil and gas), that they are ignoring the clear and present dangers to our land, water, air, and property rights posed by out-of-control population growth and unregulated oil and gas activities, including natural gas fracturing and dangerous pipelines;

Therefore, we urge these reforms in the 2015 legislative session and that current candidates running in the November election adopt these reforms:

• Prioritize conservation first – prohibiting the use of state water funds for municipalities that have yet to enact serious and concerted conservation.

• Prohibit development in areas without their own water supply.

• Prohibit the use of tax dollars by all government entities to promote population growth.

• Expand to rural areas Texans’ rights to petition for a public vote in order to bring about more local control of natural resources and private property so that we may, ourselves, do what the state of Texas is failing to do.

[emailpetition id="4"]

You can also print the petition here.

We suggest you read this national article from Men's Journal by writer Paul Solotaroff, "Who Stole Our Water".

Join us every other Saturday at 9 am for our statewide conference calls! Call us at 512-213-4511 or email us at for more info!

Spread the word, y'all! Texas is for us all to share, not the few to take!


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