Thanks San Antonio Council…we have 30 months to bust Vista Ridge

We can’t say it was unexpected, but the San Antonio City Council voted unanimously today for the Vista Ridge $3.4 billion water grab.

BUT, hold your horses! The Vista Ridge contract contains a provision that San Antonio Water System can walk away at any time, for any reason, within 30 months of the signing of this contract, with minimal penalties. What that means, folks,

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Good news, great news, ugly news – Vista Ridge!

More people are beginning to see that our local issues are part of a major growth period in Texas where, as we know, water and energy will continue to drive the growth. It may just be that the Vista Ridge Pipeline will be fodder for statewide organizing. No telling what can be done by good organizing crossing all kinds of social, political and economic lines.

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Release: The Tale of Two Endangered Aquifers

The Simsboro and Edwards Aquifers are endangered the Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District and politicians who bow to the real estate lobby in Central Texas. This tale of two endangered aquifers is our story — the story of Texans who must fend for ourselves as our political leaders serve themselves.

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