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Continued blood in the water on Vista Ridge

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This post is an update on September 26, from the post at the bottom of this page:  9ipEjoAiE

Brian Chassnoff, at the San Antonio Express-News, is a good bloodhound. Chasnoff reported on the supression of the damning report from Texas A&M's Institute of Renewable Natural Resources called the "preeminent water policy organization in the State of Texas" by San Antonio. Now there appears to be an effort by San Antonio to change the report's findings on Vista Ridge ---- to correct "inaccurate statements and omitted facts".

Read Chassnoff's update here!

Join us at these events and keep those petitions coming!

Tomorrow, Sunday, Sept. 27, at 6 pm for our next statewide conference call. Reply for details.

This Monday, Sept. 28, 6 pm, Senior Citizens Center, Third & Main, city of Lexington: details here

This Wednesday, Sept. 30, 6:30 pm, Frieden's Church, 2555 Frieden's Church Road, city of Geronimo: details here

This coming Saturday, Oct. 3, 2:30 pm, Brookhollow Library, 530 Heimer, city of San Antonio: details here

Keep getting those petitions signed urging the Governor, other state officials and SA Mayor Ivy Taylor to stop Vista Ridge and to stop subsidizing growth with our water and our wallets.

Want to help us set up an event in your community? Be on tomorrow's call or reply.

The bulldog's got a tiger by the tail and it's not letting go! Neither should we.

The following was posted to this page on September 22:

This morning, after a big hit in College Station last night, we got big news on continued blood IMG_1344in the water on Vista Ridge -- the massive San Antonio water grab. San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor hid the A&M draft report that bashed Vista Ridge.

Read this HUGE NEWS!

Correction: Tonight's San Marcos meeting address was wrong for the San Marcos library. It is at 625 E. Hopkins and corrected here on our events page. (We start at 6 pm!)

Time to get more folks to sign the petition to Gov. Greg Abbott, right? Do it now please -- click here, or just forward this message.

You can also print the petition out from here and take it around with you like the Burleson County folks are on fire with! Our first big turn in is on October 1st.

Don't you let them tell you a bad deal is a done deal -- ever again. Hang tight, Texans and get active.

PS We also highly recommend that, no matter where you are in Texas, that you hop on our Sunday 6 pm conference call. Reply for details.

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Next Stops on Vista Ridge Tour

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Next stops on the “Stop Vista Ridge” tour:Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 2.52.06 PM

► THIS coming Monday, 6:30 pm, College Station, Wellborn Community Center, 4119 Greens Prairie Rd (more here)

► THIS coming Tuesday, San Marcos Library, 2 Civic Center Drive (more here)

<=====  Don't forget FARFA! (more here)

Report on Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District
meeting last Wednesday

We waited to send this report in effort to deescalate the frustrations on all sides. Lost Pines GCD President, Mike Talbot -- who we know is a good man -- seemed heavy handed at the top of this meeting. Looking back -- and we're just guessing here -- perhaps Talbot's posture was in response to a word we used (“sellout”) in our last email alert. What’s more -- and this is another guess -- the landowners who have been trying to get a seat at the table on the End Op permit, have so far been denied their rights. On Wednesday morning these landowners filed a motion to stop Lost Pines from proceeding with the End Op permit negotiations until the court rules. Though this was a perfectly reasonable move by the landowners that we support, we see how this could have led to mistrust. (Here's that last email with more details.)

We have also heard things of a slightly more verbally hostile nature. We in no way nor in any fashion endorse calling out or pressuring the Lost Pines Board. We may disagree with some things, but we still believe in this board. We also know that they are without some of the tools they need to defend the aquifers from depletion. That is the legislatures' job and our job is to make sure they know that's their job.

The court will soon rule on landowners' request for party status. We will let you know when 12023004_10153233237489150_1276916432_nand where a hearing is held and if you can attend. All sides, including the water marketers, must live with that decision. We urge all sides to keep cool heads and we promise to do our part.

Invoking Davy Crockett 

Historians have argued that the Alamo was remembered because of the bravery of the vastly outnumbered Texians who died there. While that is certainly true, others have also said we remember the Alamo because Davie Crockett, who was a “rock star” of his time, died there.

We invoke Davy Crockett with our own historical interpretation that he was a hero, most of all, because he was a small “i” independent who died with his independent boots on.

Though we have no intention of losing the water wars, nor the war to clean up and open up Texas politics, we also know the odds just as Crockett knew them.

Those who died at the Alamo were also praying for troops to arrive. We too await the troops. That would be you and thousands of other Texans who are beginning to step up. You inspire us.

Many of you have started circulating our petition to Governor Abbott right here. Keep it up!

Hang tough Texans, be nice and keep your independent boots on for the road ahead.

PS Large signs will be available meetings next week or just give us a call.

PSS A special thanks to the folks from Burleson County who came to the Lost Pines meeting.

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Lost Pines Sells Out…not so fast!

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Before Lost Pines sells out, you need to come to Bastrop City Hall on Wednesday night at 7 pm catballou1965_88x141_12052012021638 (1311 Chestnut).

A deal is in process that will affect ALL of central Texas (from Austin to Bryan-College Station to San Antonio) and the future water supply of Bastrop, Lee, Milam and Burleson counties.

The growth-at-all-costs real estate lobby might be drunk with power. They're not drunk on our groundwater...yet.

Background:  Last Wednesday night after years of standing tall, the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District Board (except for Keith Hansberger, the only original board member left) buckled.

Ironically, while we were in Burleson County meeting with landowners who are putting the heat under the Post Oak Savannah GCD -- for selling them and their water out -- Lost Pines began (the deal isn't inked yet) a path to endorse a very similar strategy by End Op LP to deplete our groundwater.

Folks, Bastrop and Lee County landowners are still in court trying to get a seat at the table on this permit. Lost Pines should have waited, but chose not to. (Read the details of the "deal" here from Environmental Stewardship.)

This deal will be voted on at a future meeting yet to be announced -- and could be done last minute just like the meeting Lost Pines called last week. Therefore, this Wednesday could be the only time you have to talk to the Board before they vote. (Be on time for public comment.)

Bring your family, your neighbors and anyone else who cares about their land, their water and their affordability (urban and rural Texans)...
This could be the most important meeting we've ever asked you to attend.

We will be in College Station (Sept. 21), San Marcos (Sept. 22), Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance conference in Bryan (Sept. 25-26), Lexington (Sept. 28), San Antonio (Oct. 3). More planned every day -- including Austin and San Antonio. Watch our events page here.

We also need funds.

If you haven't recently joined to the all-volunteer League or contributed to us, please do! Funds are needed for automated calls, meeting rooms, fliers, signs...Give online on our website or send us a check -- details here. (If you have recently, we thank you!)

We have only just begun to fight -- John Paul Jones.

PS Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance needs volunteers in Bryan for their annual conference, Sept. 25-26 - get a greatly reduced rate! Reply for details..

PSS We will have 4 x 4 signs on Monday. Contact us if you're due one.

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Your best friends

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Sometimes it's easy to know who your best friends are. One of them stood up last night at a Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 4.49.27 PMspecially called meeting of the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District – Keith Hansberger. (Sorry for this lousy picture of a man we respect).

Keith, a retired airline pilot who has represented Lee County on the Lost Pines board since day one, voted no to the current plan for a negotiated settlement with End Op LP. This plan may or may not be acceptable to Lee and Bastrop county citizens -- they haven't been asked about it. Keith simply said it needs to go slow.

You can read this Statesman article, though we take no responsibility for its accuracy.

Bastrop and Lee County residents:  We suggest that you show up at the next regualr Lost Pines GCD meeting on September 16 to ask some questions. We will be following up with more details, as we get them, so keep an eye out and pencil in this important -- VERY! -- meeting.

I attended the “Growth Summit” held in San Marcos a week ago. Keynote speakers were Austin Mayor Steve Adler and San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor. Both acknowledged that they have been meeting every 8 weeks to discuss how to connect Austin and San Antonio into “one continuous metropolitan region”. Adler was silent on Austin’s affordability crisis and its cause – the unbridled growth he boasted about. Taylor bragged about San Antonio’s water conservation while never mentioning its Vista Ridge massive water grab. Taylor never peeped a word about the 16-20% rate hikes San Antonio ratepayers can expect for Vista Ridge water that is clearlly intended for use to build out over its own Edwards Aquifer recharge zone, likely in the Hill Country.

Yes, this is madness.

Folks, the simple fact is that – unlike Mr. Hansberger – as ordinary citizens we don’t yet understand the value of water in Texas. Moreover, we don’t yet understand that the buck (or bucket) stops with us.

But many are getting a clue! Hundreds of people have begun carrying these petitions or sending folks to our website to sign it.

Keep kicking your heels up, Texas -- and get to one of our upcoming events and bring a neighbor:  College Station, Sept. 21, San Marcos, Sept. 22, Geronimo (Guadalupe County), Sept.  30, Bexar County, Oct. 3, or invite us to your city or town. We'll also be at Liberty Fest this coming Saturday in Houston and the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance Annual Conference in Bryan the following Friday and Saturday. All the details are here in our Events section.

I personally have no plans to becoming a sheeple. I suspect neither do any of you.

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Thank you, Lockhart.

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Thank you, Lockhart. Next stop Milam County! Thanks also to the Lockhart Post-Register newspaper too!:  Pipeline project raises water fears

Caldwell County meeting at the beautifula Clark Library in Lockhart.

Caldwell County meeting at the beautiful historic Clark Library in Lockhart.

Next Tuesday, Sept. 8, we'll be in in Milano (Milam County) 6:30 pm, at the Milano Civic Center, 120 West Avenue E., Milano, TX. Details here. Remember, Milam is at ground zero, along with Burleson County, for the Vista Ridge/San Antone Hose.
Note: A Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District meeting is the same night, starting at 5:30, so we encourage you to come early to their meeting at 310 East Avenue C in Milano, then mosey on over to our meeting at 6:30 pm.

More upcoming events --
share using the share buttons on the pages linked.

  • Are you a libertarian? On Saturday, Sept. 12, we're speaking at Liberty Fest in Houston. Details here.
  • The Stop Vista Ridge wagon train is now scheduled for College Station on Monday, September 21st. Details here.
  • The next night, September 22, the Stop Vista Ridge train stops in San Marcos. Details here.
  • Are you coming to the 9th annual conference of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance? It's September 25-26, in Bryan and we'll be there too! League Board member, Michele Gangnes, is on the ever-important water panel on Friday, Sept. 25, at 1:30 pm. Get all the FARFA dish right here.

The water marketers are paying close attention to us and even attending our meetings. Maybe we should ask to attend theirs, eh?

Happy Labor Day, y'all!

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