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Wake up Texas!

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Wake up Texas! Hopefully, you're not leaning on a wall somewhere on Trigger, waiting for us to track you down.

Wake up, Texas, to defend your water, your land and OUR future!

Wake up, Texas, to defend your water, your land and OUR future!track you down.

  • Please attend Tuesday’s press conference at 9 am (NOTE THE TIME CHANGE -- location Speaker's Committee Room 2W.6, Texas Capitol) with hydrologist George Rice and John Cyrier — Rice is releasing his supplemental report on the combined pumping effects of all mega-permit demands on the Simsboro aquifer underlying Burleson, Milam, Lee and Bastrop counties.
  • Please stay for Tuesday’s House Natural Resources Committee hearing on water markets/massmovement of water starting at 10 am in Room E2.010 -- underground building, Texas Capitol. Notice anything missing in the agenda -- might that be landowners or anyone to represent themMore details here too. Whether you speak or not, your presence is a statement the committee needs to see. We're also happy to help you prepare a statement -- reply or call us.

DIRECTIONS:  We have rides!  Call us if you want to ride with us at 512-213-4511. Leave a message if we don't pick up. Park in the parking lots to the east of the Capitol. This is paid parking. Walk over to the Capitol and ask for directions.

Awake yet? Let this shake and bake ya!

The H20 for Texas coalition that pushed Prop 6 in 2013 — a coalition of big business, special interests and urban governmental authorities is beefing up for this statewide tour to push us in the wrong direction on water. Note that their honorary chairs are Rep. Jim Keffer, who chairs the House Natural Resources Committee and Sen. Charles Perry, who chairs the Senate on Agriculture, Water and Rural Affairs Committee. (H2o's first event is in Austin on February 9).

The coalition of members of H2O pushing this tour is noticeably missing landowners and citizens who would rather see conservation first and investment in longterm solutions, like desalination and big-scale rainwater harvesting (scroll down to see the big wigs hoping to roll right over us) :

Is this massacre in the making or an opportunity to alert Texans in a much bigger way? That, dear citizens, depends on us pulling together now.

Please share this message with your friends and be seen and heard.

PS This is not a campaign event -- Rep. Cyrier will attend as -- so far -- the only elected state official who represents the affected counties willing to stand with us.

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Ride those water marketers high!

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Ride those water marketers high!  There's lots going on, including a very important press conference and hearing at the Capitol next Tuesday.

Join us this Sunday at 5 pm to talk about all things listed below. Reply for the Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 11.50.50 AMconference call instructions.

Important Events!

Tonight!  Apologies for the late notice! Debate tonight in Frederiskcburg in the very crowded field in the Republican primary for Troy Fraser’s seat, Senate District 24. Details here.

Monday, Feb. 1, 6 to 8 pm, Performing Arts Center, Bastrop – debate in the Republican primary race between John Cyrier and Brent Golemon for Texas House District 17 – Lee, Bastrop, Caldwell, Gonzales and Karnes counties. This will also be streamed at -- go there on the internet when the event starts. Details here.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 4.18.10 PMTuesday, Feb. 2, 9:30 am, Press Conference at the Texas Capitol with Rep. John Cyrier and hydrologist George Rice on “What Are the Risks to the Simsboro?” Rice, a respected hydrologist and former Edwards Aquifer Authority Board member, will release his new report on the cumulative impact of mega-permits on the Simsboro formation of the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer. Location to be announced. If you’re coming, be on Sunday’s call or call us!

Following the press conference on Tuesday, please attend the Texas House Natural Resources Committee Hearing on Water, at the Capitol, underground building, Rm. E2.010! Starts at 10 am sharp. More here.

Thursday, February 11, San Marcos, Texas Water Symposium, sponsored by Hill Country Alliance – this is a big deal!!! More here.

The Back Story….

A regional movement to let our state leaders know that the “California water model” – draining rural Texas to fuel development in dry areas. is a mistake that no one -- even the development community -- can afford. Though “Gridzilla” – a little bill to study mass movement of groundwater – was killed last session, death by a thousand cuts to groundwater supply are the wish of groundwater sharks circling the Simsboro underlying Burleson, Milam, Lee and Bastrop counties. No matter where you live in Texas, this affects you.

Whether you can make the hearing or not, do this. Call your state representative and state senator and ask them to get involved on the "water front". Let them know you do not support the "California Water Model". Get their contact info here. Let us know how it goes.

Got questions or need more information? Reply or call us and get ready to ride those water marketers high!

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