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The League is working with citizens and officials across the state -- urban and rural -- who are beginning to get the picture. The robber barons of Texas -- particularly large real estate and oil and gas interests -- are driving break-neck population growth in the midst of a historic drought and an oil and gas boom. Rick Perry is a great spokesperson for them as he travels the country, on Texas taxpayer's dime, urging the world to move to Texas.

The old adage that oil and water don't mix is especially true today. Just add a population explosion in the midst of it -- with 1000 people per day are moving to Texas and not necessarily where we still have enough water to support that growth. This is the makings of the Texas size crisis to preserve our property rights, our land, our water (think farmland too), the very air we breathe and the affordability we all seek. This Politifact piece on the state's population growth says we're not THE fastest growing state in the US (though in raw numbers we are), but if Governor Rick Perry and the real estate lobby has their way, we will be the fasttest growing state despite that we're in the midst of historic drought. This is the idiocy that Texans must, for now put up with, until we, the voters, get a lot smarter and better organized. Texas trails for fastest-growing state, but more than 1,000 people a day have still been moving there | PolitiFact Texas

Do you see what we're seeing -- an epic battle is emerging. On the one side is state government, a monolith of  Republican state officials and at the municipal officials growing wall of Democrats. Both parties are bought into policies of growth as if there are no limits and no harmful side effects.

How are they getting away with it? They're getting away with it because, for now, we're letting them get away with it by not uniting across the state and across partisan lines.

Be sure to hit the tab at the top of this page to see all the "beefs" and we are listing them below too, just in case we're confusing you.

Brazos River Bottom

Cost of Growth

Eminent Domain & Pipelines


Marvin Nichols Reservoir

Property Taxes

Political Reform


We've got lots more beefs coming. Yeehaw, join the League y'all!

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