Texas Fracking

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Even the bovines and equines get it. No Eminent Domain for Private Gain!

Even the bovines and equines get it. There's nothing worse than cattle and horse rustling in Texas except maybe land grabs, water grabs...and well poisonings. All that is happening in Texas right now until the people decide to do something about it.

After years of hiding its head in the sand about the dangers posed to water, land and air by Texas fracking, the Texas Railroad Commission has finally begun to get its comeuppance. We can say it is now a proven fact that fracking is contaminating our groundwater, thanks to efforts of Wise County landowner, Steve Lipsky and independent scientists not under the thumb of our corrupt state agency this is supposed to regulate the oil and gas industry. Read about it right here.

Our state legislature, the Railroad Commission and the federal government have bowed to what may be the most powerful lobby in US history. Does anyone really think that mega-donors like Midland oilman Tim Dunn donates to campaigns out of the goodness of his heart? Dunn has given about $4M over the last 10 years to establishment Republicans and their supposed opposition like Empower Texas led by Michael Q. Sullivan. (Sullivan has more than once failed to work for fiscally conservative measures he promised to independents and even tea partiers.)

Especially in the midst of a historic drought you would think that industry and the state's apparatus for overseeing oil and gas would not want to risk contamination of our most precious resource. But apparently they are willing to take that risk. Don't believe us? Read this letter from a geophysicist who worked in the industry for 30 years before retirement in Bastrop where citizens are trying to protect the aquifer underneath them.

calvintillanbio-1League Interim Board member and former Texas Mayor, Calvin Tillman, a longtime Republican, now independent, could never be accused of being "anti-oil and gas" or against Texas fracking. He is featured in both Gasland films just telling his story as a small town (DISH, Texas) Mayor in the Barnett Shale of North Texas. Calvin had to make the difficult choice to move his family out of DISH in order to protect their health. Calvin then formed the non-profit, organization, ShaleTest.org (from which he makes no money whatsoever) to assist folks in monitoring their water and air near fracking facilities. Tillman also sits on the interim board of the League of Independent Voters.

This website by Sharon Wilson of the DFW area has lots of great information about fracking in Texas. Sharon is an affected landowner and, unfortunately, has her own personal experience and story she talks about as she looks at the facts.

The good news, for now anyway, is that a Wise County couple just received a $3 million jury award in a fracking suit. It will be appealed.

This State Impact News report explores what should be a no-brainer for the Railroad Commission for protection of our water supply.

Please consider coming to our holding your own Regional Round Up for your area of the state. Check out our Events section for more, give us a call at 512-213-4511 or send an email to: info@independentleaguetx.org.

Here are some of the concerns that need to be addressed:

  • Bad casing jobs, allowing frack fluids to seep into the ground and shallow aquifers!
  • Throwing frack fluids in unlined pits, even over aquifers!
  • Not recycling as much frack fluids as is now possible, to save our precious drinking water.
  • Tearing up roads and not paying for the damage.
  • No chemical markers to hold those companies accountable when they contaminate our water. (Perry vetoed the bill for it!)
  • Denying there is a problem with air pollution.
  • Denying open records to the public by using private rather than public universities for study.
  • Denying that there is any a problem whatsoever!

Get ready for some serious citizens lobbying and saddle up with the League -- go to our Join Page and become a member today!

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