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Most of the people we know, especially those who work the land, fully understand that Mother Nature is taking her toll on Texas. The U.S. Military now considers climate change a threat to security. Unfortunately like most everything else, climate change has become a partisan issue and therefore a subject of debate.

Lake Travis  2006

Lake Travis (west of the City of Austin) 2006

The result? We are losing precious time preparing for the effects of climate change, particularly the Texas drought. Check out this sobering report, Two Texas Towns Run Out of Water | PBS NewsHour. There is actually an organization in Texas that is solely focused on the the Texas Drought -- the Texas Drought Project.

The League is focused on the drought in leadership to stand up to the lobbies, particularly Real Estate and the oil and gas industry, that are pushing legislators in the exact wrong direction.  The Governor, most state leaders and state agencies continue to act as if there is no limit to water and land resources in this midst of this historic drought. Some legislators are even leading the charge of profiteers, speculators and polluters, though they would deny it until the cows come home. They are putting the possibility of an ecological disaster worse than the BP Horizon disaster in the Gulf on our horizon by undermining the local control that Texans so cherish. Do you think we're being alarmist?

This regularly updated list shows you the Texas towns at risk of running out of water. Though our legislators are not now, nor will they ever be more powerful than Mother Nature, some are acting like it. Be sure to read in our "Beefs" section our concerns about "Water", "Fracking" and the Marvin Nichols Reservoir. The saber rattling by Rep. Lyle Larson's (R-San Antonio) in his editorial about the "Balkanization of Texas water", it becomes clear that he is willing to undermine local communities' control over their water and land resources. Click here.

So here's what we think is the "climate change" challenge that not enough people -- citizens and officials alike -- are yet talking enough about. That would be cleaning up our polluted political process. This is something voters, from across the spectrum, can unite behind.

Our country is faced with a U.S. Supreme Court decision (Citizens United) and a 100-year body of law that supports the fantasy that corporations are people with the same rights as people. There is lots of chatter about this by a range of groups, mostly on the democratic left but some politicians of all stripes. In our view, partisans are incapable of bringing about the wholesale changes in our political system that "corporate personhood" has brought to our country and our state.

IF we have a shot at putting corporations in their proper place, it is going to take a massive non-partisan movement of citizens united (pardon the pun) outside the parties to do it. That is why we are building the League here in Texas and we hope others will do the same across the country.

Other organizations (mostly electoral organizations like the defunct Reform Party in the 1990s to current No Labels) have tried or are trying to overcome partisanship. What we find lacking, and why we're building the League instead, is that that we believe that political change will come without a new truly non-partisan and populist politic that rejects the liberal-conservative (left-center-right) paradigm by organizing citizens in their communities. Notice that you will find nothing on this website, not in any of our work, that seeks to impose politics (in the partisan sense) on you, nor which attempts to discuss the so-called "wedge" issues (abortion, gays, guns and the like) that has the left and right in a perpetual cultural battle.

You will also see that the League is focused on a new kind of activity -- it's really a time honored one that we see fading in our country. That would be civic participation and working hand in hand with any officials who want the connection with their communities that demands vigorous leadership AND community participation. Lots of people and organizations are too focused on blaming the easy targets -- politicians. What they often lack is a view forward and the tools with which we, as citizens, can lead our leaders. Let's just call that "bottom up organizing."

Therefore, the League is focused most on getting people -- in their communities -- activated in 36 districts -- and developing a truly new politic that seeks to unite citizens. Turning us around to address what is already happening -- from our home page, "the disappearance of small “d” democracy in our country and the ruthless squandering of our public and private resources by those who are concentrating power into the hands of the few -- is a task that will take a united citizenry. The officials will follow if we do our job right.

Many climatologists are projecting a drought to last another 10 years and some say we're in a "mega-drought" that will last substantially longer. As far as we're concerned, you don't have to "believe" in anything -- you just have to do something.

If the Texas drought -- and the effects of climate change ended tomorrow (highly unlikely) -- we'll still be fighting to open up and clean up our electoral system and to promote the notion that our precious land, water and air should be guarded with great care and respect. The fact remains that population growth demands conservation and, we would argue, it is the right thing to do if you respect Mother Nature. Corporations are not people and are therefore incapable of respecting nature. They are not inherently evil either. They're just corporations -- things. What "conservation" is will be up to a united people. We must constantly engage in defining and redefining it as the corporate elite in our country (and world) will continue to distort and malign it for their own purposes and greed.

Click here to read more about political/electoral climate change as we develop chapters throughout the state. After you become a member, your next step is getting others to join. We'll even help you do it and then call a Regional Round Up on the hot topics in your area.

There are those who believe it is a fool's errand to try to take the politics out of politics. (The British aristocracy thought the same of the founding of this country.)

Now why don't you join us already and get to work!

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