Water Grid – Watch This!

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We thank these Texas advocates for farmers, landowners, environment and wildlife who spoke last night in opposition to a study on the "Texas water grid" bill (HB3298/SB1907). Watch and share, and sign on to our "Conserve Now, Convey Later" letter NOW!


Will you be in Austin tomorrow -- Wednesday, April 15th? Please come to the Capitol to sign in support of an important local foods bill HB 1846 and these water bills, HB 3116 and HB 4112 (this is the substitute). You can reach us 512-657-2089 (text or call) if you need instructions or want to join us at the hearing of the Natural Resources Committee Room E2.010 at 2 pm or upon adjournment of the House.

Join us on Saturday's 9 am conference call. With the end of the session on June 1st, things are heating up. Our efforts will be stepping up, so stay tuned y'all. Reply or call us for the conference call details.

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  • Rod Weinand says:

    water should not be a private resource.farms,ranches, yes. but water is like air. simple enough?

  • Rod Weinand says:

    plus I plan to snorkel at Sewell Park today and it’s been 3ft low for year’s

  • Tom Sherman says:

    The people that spoke out against the “Texas Water Grid”: should be applauded for having the interests of all Texas Citizens first on their minds and in their hearts.

    The Texas Water Grid proposed legislation is only a forerunner to set up water grabs, massive transportation efforts and devastation of our aquifer systems.

  • Shelly Hair says:

    California water model comes to Texas Senate – Your …

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