2017 Lege

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The 2017 Legislative Session was off to a slow start due to the battles between the Speaker of the House, Joe Straus, and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick over the so-called bathroom bill. Thousands of bills -- many of them very bad for Texans' water and land were filed last minute, giving ordinary Texans little notice to defend themselves and their communities. This is why Texas independents are intent on more electoral competition and this session is all about Our Land, Our Water, Our Elections.

The session ends (aka sine die) on Memorial Day, May 29th. With 10 lobbyists for every legislator, your water, your land and your elections are not safe.

Overview of LIV's 2017 Legislative Agenda

We provide this information taken from participants at the March 25th, 2017 Texas Populism Conference: Building the Rural-Urban Independent Alliance. After you check these out, visit our news section to find our action alerts for what you CAN DO. Take action, y'all!

After you peruse the presentations below, then visit our Action Center here for what you can do. We recommend keeping an eye out for new action items and our News section. Get on our email list to make sure you get the updates an please share them.

Support ending straight ticket 1-punch voting -- HB25/SB2175!

Voter Choice Act Press Packet (HB 3068)

Michele Gangnes Presentation for LIV on Groundwater Legislation

Calvin Tillman (for SB 740/HB 2684) Eminent Domain & Attorney Fees

Mark Miller's Presentation on Why the Voter Choice Act

Election Bills by Tom Glass

Michele Gangnes on why LIV Opposes SB 1392, a bad water bill