SD 14 Special Election

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Update, July 10: Watch this spectacular Quorum Report Forum on Facebook with 5 of the 6 candidates running in this race!

Update, July 9: The Austin Bulldog just published two in depth articles about the two Democrats running for this seat, Rep. Eddie Rodriguez here and former Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt here.

Update, June 25:  Bastrop Democrats held an online forum on June 22 with the two Democrats in this race -- Eddie Rodriguez and Sarah Eckhardt -- linked here on Facebook.

We transcribed a new question asked of the two on the controversial "CodeNEXT" rezoning and the right to protest. Click here to read it.

The photo on this page of Sea Biscuit's famous last race in 1940 at Santa Anita race track personifies the aspect of democracy we cherish most here at the non-profit, non-partisan LIV. That's a good horse race in competitive field of candidates.

July 14 is election day the Democratic and Republican primary runoffs. It's also election day for the Senate District 14 Special Election -- also known as a "blanket" or "jungle" primary. Voters from most parts of Travis County and all of Bastrop County will be voting to fill out the remaining two years left vacant by the recently resigned Senator Kirk Watson.

The blanket or “jungle primary” is a rare occurrence. It places independent (unaffiliated) candidates, minor party and major party candidates all on the same ballot. If no one receives votes equaling 50% plus one on July 14th, a runoff will take place between the top two candidates. The runoff is called by the Governor and can be set for any time 22 days or later from the first round.

Candidates running in this race are, in alphabetical order, with links to their answers to our questionnaire. (Mr. Burns is unreachable and Mr. Ridgeway declined to answer our questionnaire.)

LIV thanks the candidates who took the time to put their thoughts on paper -- click on the questionnaire links next to their names. Though LIV does not endorse candidates, we encourage you to share this information with others for their consideration. Use the share buttons on this page.

More on Senate District 14

Senate District 14 straddles Travis and Bastrop, two counties that have conflicting interests. However, because this is a hotly contested race happening in the midst of the pandemic and its related crises, we think it’s possible for folks to come together across the county line.

The focus of this questionnaire is on Bastrop County for a reason. Bastrop’s issues have been minimized as “parochial.” In fact, they are central to the health, safety and welfare not only of SD 14 but of the region. The questionnaire makes plain why we make this assertion.

Early voting is June 29 through July 10. Election Day is July 14.

We will also continually post updates. If you'd like to offer one, please do.

Travis County Voters may start here for information on voting in this election.

Bastrop County Voters may start here for information on voting in this election.

More here in general about voting in this election.

If you need assistance, feel free to call us at LIV at 512.213.4511 (landline) or text us at 512.657.2089 or email us at

Additional information:
We will also continually post updates. If you'd like to offer one, please do.

This post, "Watson Bails" has some important history on this seat.

We recommend this Austin Bulldog article, "Donors Give Big Bucks in SD-14 Election".

We especially liked this postcard from the Eckhardt campaign about groundwater.

Check our Events page for planned meetings and interviews.

Click on videos to watch the Texas Tribune interview with Rep. Eddie Rodriguez on his bid for SD 14 (held on May 14). And the interview with former Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt.