What WE mean by:
  • Local control: the notion that decision making can and should be made at the most local policy making level first, rather than forced on local communities from above. The early battles between the federalists and anti-federalists in the founding of our country (and between the US Constitution and the earlier Articles of Confederation) is indicative of the longstanding tension in our political system over local control.
  • New Environmentalism: a perspective that proper stewardship of our natural world is critical to the existence of all living things and must not be tied to a political party or to partisanship -- that is an allegiance to a party like we root for a football team.
  • Populism: a philosophy supporting the rights of ordinary citizens in our battles against those who use their power and largess to their own narrow advantage. (Note: Some people confuse us with the tea party, because we object to the squandering of taxpayer dollars, while others confuse us with the green party because we object to the squandering of land and water resources. We are none of the above and all of the above.)

We small "i" independent:

  • Are now seeking to build a massive voter association in Texas for non-aligned, independent voters who like to "shop the ballot", voting for the person not the party.
  • Are now 40% of the electorate and are the plurality of Texas voters (some 5.4 million of us!) who can, if properly organized, make the change that politicians promise but cannot, themselves, deliver.
  • Are asking citizens discontinue the practice of “straight-ticket” voting, sending a message to all parties that no one owns their votes and their votes must be earned.
  • Are focusing on enacting reforms through citizens lobbying, educational and research programs at the local, state and federal level.
  • Are working to root out the corruption and cronyism in Texas public policy making that is running rampant over citizens, landowners, small businesses, the environment and our local economies.
  • Are urging voters to unite, regardless of party or ideology, both rural and urban, to focus our undivided attention on saving our land, our water, and the very air we breath, not to mention our small "d" democratic republic for which we're supposed to stand.

We do:

  • Support or oppose legislation at the local, state and federal level related to our mission.
  • Support or oppose voting measures on the local and state ballots and the right of the people to petition for redress of grievances rooted firmly in the American Bill of Rights.

We do not:

  • Support candidates for public office.

You Can Become a Member:

  • The League is a self-supporting organization. Our sustaining membership (a monthly pledge from you via credit card for as little as $5 per month) allows us to plan our budget. If you prefer a yearly membership dues plan, our dues structure is:

Seniors/students/modest income:  $10
Yearly Individuals:  $25
Couples:  $40
Bronze:  $100
Silver:  $200
Gold:  $500
Platinum:  $1000

  • Membership rights: All members can join a local chapter, vote on matters pertinent to the chapters' local activities, and vote for members of our Board of Directors and state officers. (Ask us for our by-laws, if you want to get active. Call us at 512-213-4511 or email us at info@IndependentLeagueTX.org.)

Starting a local chapter:

  • Local chapters can use up to half of dues collected on local projects so long as they comply with the League's mission.
  • We will help you hold a meeting in your area.
  • We will help you develop an organizing plan for your community.
  • Our by-laws will be posted soon!

We are the Little Shots v. the Big Shots! Take a shot for ordinary Texans!

See more in the "Our Work" and our "News" section to learn about the activities in which the League is currently engaged.

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