Why join the League?

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Click here to print out our League of Independent Voters brochure right here. (Below is much of the text.)

Why join the League of Independent Voters of Texas?

The League is a new non-profit, non-partisan organization designed to make one simple but very fundamental change in the way politics is conducted today.

That change is simply the difference between 2 and 3 choices...or more.

Where do we have only 2 choices, other than politics? What would cars be like if we have only two makes, or what would football be like with only two teams?

Approximately 40% of Texans are independents. We vote for the person, not the party. Yet, we have less and less competition in elections and mostly the choices between the two are inadequate. OK, we realize we’re probably being too nice.

All Texans suffer from the lack of electoral competition. This is turning off a whole generation of voters to the entire process. You can hardly blame them.

We hear things like:

"I am embarrassed to admit it, but I've stopped voting. I just don't see the point", said an elderly lady in Austin.

"They're going to do whatever they want anyway," said a young college student in Dallas.

"If they had the same rules in football, no one would bother watching the game!" said a local business owner in Waco.

Remember Ross Perot? Our favorite Perotism is this one: "War has rules, mud wrestling has rules - politics has no rules."

We believe that this breakdown in the politics of our country today is the foundation of the crisis that we Texans are experiencing in protecting what is uniquely Texan -- our land, our water and our clear blue skies.

We strongly believe that the only way forward now is for the people themselves – outside the political parties of “no rules” to create some mechanisms for self-rule. This is what we mean by “going independent.”

What does being an independent really mean?

First, It means not voting straight ticket. Giving either party a blank check immediately disempowers us as voters. They take us, and our votes, for granted!

Being independent means working together for the things we do agree on -- like protection of our resources, our local economies and our right to local control.

How is becoming a member of the League going to help?

It's all about the numbers.

In the next legislative session (starting January 2015) the big business lobbies (particularly oil and gas and real estate) will be out in force to continue to take every advantage that is now taking a serious toll on our communities. They accuse us of hoarding water, when we want to protect our land and water for our livelihoods and generations to come. They call us names when we try to protect our communities from dangerous projects, while they foul our air and ruin our way of life. They tell us they’re bringing us jobs, when much of their activity is actually killing better and more sustainable jobs than they offer.

We must unite as a citizenry.

We cannot unite being captives of either party.

Saddle Up, y'all! Join the League right here.


  1. I am very interested in joining your organization. However, I have noticed that much of your website has not been updated since 2014. Is this organization still active?

    1. Yes, Cindy. We “come alive” (for the most part) during legislative sessions. As you likely know, the Texas legislative session is every other year. The next one starts this January.

      Some of our most active members have been focused on election activity and working with the PAC for independent voters — Independent Texans. Please visit the news section and sign up to get emails at this site as well as at IndyTexans.org.

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