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Meet the League's Advisory Committee, followed by our regular Board of Directors.


Calvin TillmanThe League is honored to have Calvin Tillman on our Advisory Board. He is one of a kind. Calvin is the former town commissioner and mayor of the small town DISH, Texas. He was  elected to the Aubrey City Council in 2015. DISH is at the crossroads of many natural gas pipelines. Tillman was active in pursuing state legislation regarding the routing of natural gas pipelines as well as efforts to curb the powers that the pipeline companies have been given over property owners. A resolution to curb these powers was passed by the town of DISH and was passed by forty other towns with well over a million people represented.

Mayor Tillman has served on work groups with the members of the state legislature and the natural gas industry, regarding pipeline routing and regulation of the industry. He has traveled around the United States speaking on responsible drilling. Mayor Tillman was recognized for his contributions by the Texas Progressive Alliance with the Gold Star Texan award. A veteran of the United States Air Force, he has degrees from the Community College of the Air Force, and Concordia University of Texas.

Tillman was featured in the award winning, Oscar nominated documentary Gasland  and Gasland Part 2; and also Detroit PBS documentary Beyond the Light Switch.

Tillman now focuses on private property rights at the state level. He is very active in championing legislation that enhances and protects private property rights for Texans. A lifelong Republican, he now calls himself a committed independent. Websites:   www.calvintillman.com, www.calvintillman.blogspot.com.


IMG_3831Michele Gangnes is co-founder of LIV and a resident of Lee County, a rural county 40 miles east of Austin. Michele is a graduate of Rice University and the University of Texas School of Law, is a member of the National Association of Professional Women, the National Association of Bond Lawyers, the Washington State Bar and the State Bar of Texas. Michele has served as bond counsel and trustee’s counsel in a variety of public finance and corporate debt transactions.

Michele  concentrates her practice in the representation of global financial institutions, primarily in tax-exempt municipal and 501(c)(3) financing.

Michele is a premier "water rights activist" and, as such, is a founding board member of Neighbors for Neighbors (NFN), a Central Texas 501(c)(3) corporation. Michele leads NFN’s continuing efforts to safeguard the water supply for future generations of Lee and Bastrop County citizens.

She recently authored an extensive analysis of Proposition 6, the Water Amendment that passed in November 2013. See news release here.

Michele is known to be one of the hardest working women on the planet, or at least the planet that we inhabit, donating thousands of hours, totally pro bono, to protect the aquifers of Texas for generations to come.


Dr. Mark Miller enjoyed a long and varied career in the oil and gas industry – petroleum engineer, University of Texas faculty member, worldwide consultant, and small business owner. In 2014 and 2016, he was the Libertarian Party nominee for Texas Railroad Commissioner, a position that regulates the state’s oil and gas industry. In 2016, Mark received all of the endorsements of Texas’ major newspapers and managed to garner the 5% of the vote required to retain ballot access for the Libertarian Party. He is currently semiretired, does occasional consulting, and remains politically active.


image of Jeff HarperThe League has our very own resident federal budget nerd, Jeff Harper, of Ft. Worth. Jeff is the author of Uncle Sam’s Checkbook. It is a reference booklet on federal spending the size of a checkbook. Harper does speaking engagements that allow citizens to quickly see what is actually spent where and to propose their own budget and revenue plan.

In 1998, Jeff served as team leader of the Budget Committee in Ross Perot’s Reform Party. Harper was also the State Issues Director in the Reform Party of Texas, until its demise in 2000.

In 2001, Jeff was a founder of Independent Texans, a citizens PAC. On behalf of Independent Texans, Jeff personally contacted editors of all 88 Texas daily newspapers, during the 2003 Texas legislative special session on redistricting. He asked editors if they would support an independent non-partisan redistricting system similar to those used in Arizona and Iowa. Not surprisingly, the response was overwhelmingly positive. All major newspapers wrote editorials or stated their clear support for a citizens redistricting commission.

Harper drafted the 36 non-gerrymandered districts for the League's board. Click here for more on that subject.


Arlan Foster was born in Pasadena and settled in Liberty County in 1994. He is a decorated Vietnam veteran. Though having lost his dear wife, Carolyn, a few years ago who also supported the work of the independent movement, Arlan has an extended family he looks out for in a myriad of ways.

Arlan Foster

After the military, Arlan became a Deputy Constable with the Harris County Constable’s office. He worked in law enforcement for over 19 years and was an officer with the Department of Criminal Justice for 12 years. Arlan also worked construction out of Ironworkers Local 84, Pipefitters Local 211 and “turnarounds” as a boilermaker/pipe fitter for Austin Industrial, AJ Mundy Company, Brown & Root and other contractors after the decline of the building trade unions during the Reagan years.

In 2006, Alran won his union (he served as President) – AFSCME, Council 7 -- over to endorsing Carole Keeton Strayhorn when she ran against Rick Perry as an independent for Governor. He says today, “I never regretted that endorsement, despite that Carole lost. With Carole’s help, we Texans united across party lines to defeat Perry’s Trans-Texas Corridor land grab and a blight on the blackland prairie – some of the richest farm soil in the world.”

Arlan ran for State Representative of House District 18 in 2008. He said then, “I know the struggles of the people of East Texas; I live them,” says Foster. “I’m a working man.” Arlan ran as a Democrat in that race and saw how straight ticket voting harms those running in “down ballot” races. He fully supports the League of Independent Voters’ commitment to open and competitive elections, including ending straight ticket voting, independent non-partisan redistricting reform and the full right of Texans to petition for a public vote – aka Initiative, Referendum and Recall.


David JonesDavid Jones grew up in Ohio and is a US Air Force Veteran and came to Austin in the early 90s. David is an experienced, accomplished, and dynamic Health and Wellness Advocate with over 20 years of experience. He has a master’s degree in business management. He previously worked as a Code Enforcement Assistant, Licensed Insurance Agent, and HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention Specialist. He has volunteered for a number of organizations in Austin focused on teant's rights. David is also an experienced speaker who remains active in Toastmasters in Austin. David helped create and design the LIV website.


Ellen Berky is a resident of San Antonio and an architect. LIV met Ellen when she was one of many San Antonians who rejected the Vista Ridge "water grab" pipeline. Ellen worked alongside LIV to alert San Antonio water ratepayers that Vista Ridge (aka the "San Antone Hose") is a massive ratepayer wallet grab. Photo and full bio coming soon!

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