Action Center

Looking for the hearings and action for this week? Visit our News Section.

Tired of all the bull? Take the bull (and the bill) by the hands and do this!

  1.  Learn who represents you at the local, state and federal level. Find your state and federal representatives here.
  2.  Call your state legislators (State Representative and State Senator) and ask them to support bills that protect your water, your land, and electoral competition. Tell them you are an independent voter and support the League of Independent Voters' legislative agenda. For the latest on bills, visit our News section or call us at 512.213.4511,
  3. Ask your friends across Texas to join our email list and facebook page -- to participate online in reaching millions of Texas independents!

PS Have you become a dues paying member of LIV? That's what fuels this all-volunteer outfit, so please do the dues! Go here.