LIV Action!

Have you signed the Petition for Local Control and Private Property Rights? See it below? Click on "Read the Petition", then please sign it. When you're done you can share it through your facebook page.

You can also print the petition out from here and take it around to folks to sign with you.

Do you live in Bastrop or Lee counties? Click here, you will also see a flier set up two per page. Print it out, cut it down the middle and share.

If you live in other counties, we will make a flier specific to your concerns -- just let us know!
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    1. This is a state law — if you’re a write in. Independent candidates often take for granted that they can easily get the signatures to get on the ballot. It’s not easy! Next time you want to run as an independent, contact us early enough to really advise and help you.

      It’s very hard to be an independent but I believe both parties are forcing voters out — our day has arrived, only after this election!

  1. LIV:
    I have three more issues I would like for you to consider as a group:
    1. The unlawful monarchial “Absolute Sovereign Immunity” adopted by the State over its own citizens that destroyed the entire bill of rights in Texas see:
    2. The Unlawfulness of the feudal system in Texas AKA “ad valorem property tax.” see:
    3. Fake Law in Texas that protects Fake News when it creates Fake terrorists under the flawed “Texas Citizen Participation Act” that entraps citizens when they sue the fake news for libel. see:

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