Action: Stop the Texas Water Grid

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Sign the petition/letter to say no to the "California Model" and for a real solution for Texas...Conserve First, Convey Later. Then -- MOST IMPORTANT -- call your own State Representative and Senator with the same message...more below.

Watch this 1-minute excerpt of Rep. Lyle Larson at the April 8th hearing on House Bill 3298 in the  Natural Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 11.57.12 AMResources Committee. Larson lays out why he thinks Texas needs a "study" on a statewide grid to conduct large-scale movement of groundwater to the Texas triangle -- DFW, San Antonio and Austin. HB 3298 is just one bill to move Texas towards the California model -- a man-made disaster in water mismanagement.

The problem: The nation now watches the painful results of a policy deployed just 50 years WaterGridMapago in California to move groundwater to population centers. Now those big cities have a water crisis, but so too does California’s Central Valley -- a critical breadbasket for our country. This should give pause to our legislators -- especially those who appear ready to employ a similar strategy in Texas. House Bill 3298's groundwater grid map has the "water heart" of Texas in the middle of the state. Instead of the Texas Water Grid, we have a better idea. Keep reading...

A solution.

Conserve Now, Convey Later. Though we understand the problems and solutions are complex, Texas can move now to marshal our water funds towards a massive conservation effort for Texas -- to save water, not consume ever-greater quantities of water. Mining our aquifers will only make things worse.

Send this letter now to key legislative leaders (add your own comments at the end)
then do the rest of our action plan below it.

Conserve First, Convey Later

This petition is now closed.

End date: Nov 12, 2015

Signatures collected: 278

278 signatures

  • We hope you've already sent the letter -- if not, back up and do it now. Then -- THIS IS CRITICAL! -- reach your own State Representative and Senator with the same message. Find them here.
  • Send your own letter to the editor, call community leaders you know -- get this out for us.
  • Come to hearings next week and/or join us for tomorrow's 9 am conference call. Reply for details.

This entire message is posted here in our news section -- share from there and post a comment.

For a deeper understanding, read testimonies on Larson's grid bill (HB 3298/SB 1907) from Environmental Stewardship, National Wildlife Federation, Sierra Club and the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance and us here at the League.

Read Alyssa Burgin's "California Water Story" for a deeper understanding of the history of the problem.

P.S. Don’t forget -- Larson hails from San Antonio, the city that once made conservation their cause and reversed course last October with the groundwater movement ‘game changer’ -- the Vista Ridge water grab.

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  1. I ‘m really concerned about the tactic being used. It looks like a nasty soup that’s designed to split attentions. This is fundamentally an issue about local controls and Larson proposes to circumnavigate local controls for water projects yet one of the bigger proponents (the Denton fracas rep) is also forwarding a bill that would restrict local control. It stinks like a crusty old cow patty that you just stepped into…

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