About LIV

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Mission:  Grow the five million strong independent Texas voters from a 42% plurality to a majority dedicated to replacing two-party rule with competitive elections.

Vision: The creation of a competitive electoral system for the purpose of bringing new solutions to the table and to resolve long-festering divisions between the American people.

Slogan: Civic participation not civil war!

Theme: LIV’s cowboy theme is a reminder that we need an open range where the ideological and party fences that divide us are taken down so the cowboys and cowgirls, from all heritages, can work together.

What is LIV: A place for voters of all parties (or none) to do work together for the common good developing public policies and educational forums to unite, rather than divide, Texans.

From LIV's articles of incorporation: LIV is recognized by the IRS as a non-profit, 501c4 organization dedicated to promoting the social welfare of the citizens of Texas by researching, developing, advocating and educating citizens about, legislative, regulatory and program reforms that address issues which unite Texans across party lines. LIV seeks to present Texans with alternative policy choices, including but not limited to fiscal accountability; protection of land, water and air; and electoral, initiative and referendum, and ballot access reforms.

Nat Love, a typical cowboy...and freed slave, 1907
Nat Love, a typical cowboy...and freed slave, 1907

The Culture of LIV: The accumulation of power in one place, in our view, is the problem in politics today. Therefore, LIV strives to build a new kind of organization designed to disperse, rather than to amass, power. We quickly eject (as nicely as we can) those who seek to abuse the organization for petty squabbles, self-enrichment and partisan axe grinding.

Motto: Do the work and this will set you free!


  • To strive to give accurate, reliable information whether it “fits to print” for independents or not.
  • To expose those working against the interests of a more open debate on policies affecting ordinary Texans.
  • To level playing the field in the elections process.
  • To increase electoral competition by opening up our system to more than two parties.
  • To admit when we are wrong, whether someone catches us or not!
  • To unite Texans – across divisions – economic, geographic, lifestyle and race, color and creed.