Beware of False Profits Sticking It To Us

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You heard the big news, right? Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, empowered by the “Freedom Caucus” (FC) -- approximately 11 representatives in the Texas House -- trumped Texas House Speaker Joe Straus. The FC thereby killed a bunch of bills including a critical bill for all of central Texas – HB 3996 – to force a sunset review of the rogue water utility otherwise known as SAWS. (Read this excellent piece R.G. Ratcliff for more.)

What proceeds now before sine die (the end of the regular session is May 29) is complicated procedural maneuvering in both the House and Senate. Will Dan Patrick (and the FC), continue insisting that Texans care about the bathroom bill? How did this become a litmus test for conservatism? Whatever happened to water and property rights?

The great irony here is that in so doing these guys have made their nemesis, Joe Straus, so clearly the adult in the room. Is that not a prerequisite to lead anything, including conservatism?

The Speaker’s leadership in passing the elimination of straight ticket voting in Texas is a very critical step in deconstructing the stranglehold the parties have on the “democratic republic for which” we are supposed to stand. Thank you, Joe – as we hold our breath for its third reading today.

Over this next 12 days, before sine die there will be very complicated horse-trading going on. We are doing our own, with a little bit of hope that the division may help us peons in this process.

So, what are we asking you to do TODAY?

Call your state representative and state senator and simply say:

Vote no on the Monsanto Seed Bill -- SB 1172 – read this FARFA report if you want the details.

Stay tuned for more, we hope, on the waterfront.

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  1. What is a “false profit”? Is that a play on words in this instance, or did you mean
    ” false prophet “?

    1. It was a play on words related to Monsanto — profit-making under the guise of being “prophets” for morality, that is what the bathroom bill has served to do, so far as we’re concerned.

      Read the latest news today — and please call your state rep to oppose the “bad seed bill” that is now an attack on local control far beyond related to agriculture.

      Profit – prophet — they are now the same as the legislature spins out of control, local and otherwise!

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