Big Freeze

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The Governor and Texas Legislature have not yet taken the most obvious step to deal with the consequences of the Big Freeze in February, 2021. Texans need a commission of experts (free from political influence) to study the complex problems and solutions to protect our citizens, our land and our water.

Tell the Governor and Legislature, out of respect to those who died, this is the least we can do.

Watch our forum, The Big Freeze: We Shall Not Forget held on April 12, 2021

Many thanks to: Moderator, Mark Miller, host David Jones and panelists: Bill King, Virginia Palacios and Paul Robbins, and experts from

The Big Squeeze

You can also view LIV's forum on "The Big Squeeze" about Texas water wars, held on May 25. Thanks for the lovely dialogue from attendees.

Click on the hand squeezing failure.


What You Can DO!
(Scroll down to the end of this page for the homework we've done for you.)

Ø Use the nifty tool at to email and call your Texas Legislators. Or, you can call the Capitol Switchboard (512.463.4630) to reach your Texas Legislators.

Ø Call the Governor at 512.463.2000 or go the the Governor's web page:

Ø  Urge the Governor and your legislators to appoint a commission with qualified people to take the time – several months – to develop comprehensive solutions to the problems caused by the winter storm and to bring them back to the Legislature and we, the people.

Ø Remind them that if retail electricity providers are left holding the bag for electricity overcharges, it’s the ratepayers who will be most harmed. Remind them that we need oversight of public utilities – like SAWS and CPS – and fair elections for our electric coops.

Ø Get your organization to reach LIV to join the coalition for a full accounting of the Big Freeze. Let them know we political independents shall not forget and we can swing elections!

Texas is purple! Most Texas voters do not party salute!

We've done a little of your homework. Our mission is for independents to be the best educated voters in Texas!
You can also send us your questions now to

How to reach the panelists for the April 12 forum:
Paul Robbins, Environmental Directory:
Virginia Palacios, Commission Shift:
Bill King:
Brandon Young & Shane Cawood: