Bit water coalition move on Vista Ridge!

Big water coalition move on Vista Ridge!

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LIV has some breaking news for your today on a big water coalition move on Vista Ridge -- starting in San Antonio today!

Can a bunch of officials along this 142 mile, $3.4 billion water pipeline, keep their heads in the sand?

Not if we all move together to demand a full independent review of Vista Ridge and for a rein on SAWS -- San Antonio's wayward public water utility.

If you live in or near San Antonio, join us today at 10 am at the City Council if you can make it. Read and share our news release, ask your local organizations to endorse this effort and reach your local and state officials, including the Governor!:

For Immediate Release! Why Pass the
Vista Ridge Resolution and Why Now?

Live in Burleson, Milam, Lee or Bastrop counties or nearby? Join us at this event, Impacts and Risks of Vista Ridge, a week from this Saturday, September 21, 3 to 5 pm in Caldwell. Reply to this message to reserve a free seat or call us. Details here.

Next week, we'll have a juicy report for you about the first Redistricting Hearing held in Austin on Tuesday. Voters came together, but will the legislature put down their redistricting weapons? If you live in or near San Antonio, join us at today's (Thursday, Sept. 12) San Antonio Redistricting hearing. Details here.

Do you think the sticker below is funny becuse it's so true? Then, you might just be an independent Texan.
Click on the sticker to do our Independent Voter Survey. And become a member of LIV today, already, won't you?!


  1. Love this and thank you for your efforts. Abuse for growth is going on all over the hill country right now. The incredible misuse of our water resources is creating a perfect storm. The mentality is: Water resources are scarce so let’s just pipe it from here to there and back again so we can create even more local water demand but everyone gets rich before the water runs out. Everyone good? Let’s go.

  2. SAWS is a corrupting organization that really needs an FBI investigation. Too many “South of the Border” shenanigans have been going on for too long in San Antonio politics.

    1. Please make sure you call your officials. If you live in San Antonio, please call Mayor Nirenberg and your city council member at 210.207.7040. Be polite, but demand an investigation and passage of the Vista Ridge Resolution. Then call your County Judge, if you live in the affected 142 mile pipeline. Any and all Texans, please call your state representative and state senator and the Governor to urge a full audit and investigation into Vista Ridge and SAWS’ role. Visit our Vista Ridge page for lots more details and spread the word. Thank you!

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