Calendars Committee

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The Calendars Committee decides which bills go to the Texas House floor for a full vote of the house.

The Calendars Committee decides which bills go to the Texas House floor for a full vote of the house.

The Calendars Committee in the Texas House determines when bills are sent to the floor of the House, to be voted on by the full House. The best way to influence them, is to call them and ask them -- politely -- to oppose or support the bills. You can also send a follow up email, but calls or visits work best. (See below for more on these members.)


Name, Room #, Phoner (click on it for their website) Home City - click on it for a map of their distrist
Chair: Rep Hunter GW.18 - 512-463-0672 Corpus Christi
Vice Chair: Rep. Lucio III E1.320 - 512-463-0606 Brownsville
Rep. Alonzo 1N.12 - 512-463-0408 Dallas
Rep. Cook GN.11 - 512-463-0730 Corsicana
Rep. Davis E2.310 - (512) 463-0389 Houston
Rep. Geren GW.17 - 512-463-0610 River Oaks
Rep. Giddings GW.11 - 512-463-0953 DeSoto
Rep. Harless E2.408 - 512-463-0496 Spring
Rep. Huberty E2.722 - (512) 463-0520 Kingwood
Rep. Johnson E1.204 - (512) 463-0586 Dallas
Rep. King E2.416 - (512) 463-0736 Canadian
Rep. Larson E2.406 - (512) 463-0646 San Antonio
Rep. Price E2.610 - (512) 463-0470 Amarillo
Rep. Riddle 4N.7 - 512-463-0572 Spring
Rep Rodriguez E1.212 - (512) 463-0674 Austin


  1. I am opposed to HB 3298 which was sponsored by Lyle Larson. Texas needs to focus on desalination as an option for water needs. Texas needs to draw the line on unbridled population immigration and population expansion.

    1. Good deal. Please call Larson’s office to state your opposition OR, better yet, visit his office in at the Capitol in Austin.

  2. Would be nice to know where these e masils are going? Calendars Committee or the League of women voters??

    1. Hi Robert. The emails go to those addressed (Straus, Patrick, Keffer and Perry) BUT realize that emails are the least effective means of getting their attention. The best way to move them is to visit their offices and if you cannot do so, then calling their office. If you cannot get through to their Austin offices (it’s starting to get crazy busy), best thing is to call their district offices.

  3. I’m calling, but I swear, I feel like the staffers aren’t doing anything. Do they really log these calls?

    1. I believe so, but they are hammered now that it’s towards the end of the session. The very best way to do this is to go to their offices and, in writing, say you are opposed to these bills. More importantly (and where the rubber really hits the road), is when they hear from citizens in their own districts. We’ll be discussing this on our conference call tomorrow (Saturday at 9 am). I’ll email you more in a second. Thanks for doing the calls Ashley!

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