Calling for the divine intervention of Joe Straus

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Watch Burleson County landowner, Bobby Walker, calmly use the "r" word on Tuesday night

Regular Texans, like Bobby Walker, know what is happening to water in Texas is all kind of Texas wrong

in Milano, just before the Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District meeting. Watch Walker's brief plea, on behalf of rural Texas to urban Texas -- especially the good people of San Antonio by clicking on his picture.

That very Tuesday morning, San Antonio Water System (SAWS) came to their board with an 1122 page agenda -- kid you not. Within minutes, they passed massive amendments to revive the failing boondoggle known as Vista Ridge, more popularly cursed as "The San Antone Hose". This mass conveyance of rural Texans' groundwater to fuel unaffordable hyper-growth in dry areas (in this case between Austin and San Antonio -- with Hays County in the crosshairs) is also called "Gridzilla", already a proven diaster in California.

This insanity is running rampant in this legislative session with leading Republicans (like how 'bout the Governor?) favoring the elimination of all local control for Texas municipalities. Folks, if they pull that off, there really is no way out but independent, because the Democrats who largely hail from Texas municipalities have refused to stand up to the urban "growth machine."

Calling for the divine intervention of Joe Straus.

Texas House Speaker, Joe Straus (R-San Antonio), is the only official in the legislature with the respect of members of both parties. Start your calls by reaching out to Joe. Ask him to go to bat for Texans of all parties, urban and rural. 
Read the details in this flier and share it!

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  1. I sent my e-mail message to both State Senator Menendez and Representative Barbara Gervin-Hawkins requesting that they vote against the Vista Ridge Project. At least I am participating in the republican-democratic local control form our Founding Fathers (both federal and Texas) required under both the state and federal constitutions.

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