Release/Advisory: SAWS No Press, Press Event

Advisory/Release                                               Media Event on Zoom, June 23, 6:30 pm SAWS No Press, Press Conference San Antonio, TX:  SAWS accountability activists couldn’t figure out why San Antonio’s public water utility, San Antonio Water System (SAWS), held a press event without press present when their touted “game changing” water project — Vista Ridge — started pumping on April 15. They just found out. The independent San Antonio online news publication, The Rivard Report, reported SAWS Flushing Half of Vista Ridge Water as[…]

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SAWS No Press, Press Conference

SAWS No Press, Press Conference This clip appeared on KSAT-TV (San Antonio) on June 10, the day after The Rivard Report, San Antonio’s independent online news site, broke this Vista Ridge story wide open. SAWS apparently has been dumping 10 million gallons per day of the “most expensive water” in Texas, likely since April 15, the day it opened. LIV News reported to you on May 4 that it was odd that SAWS held a “press event” with no press[…]

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Construction or Destruction

Kinder Morgan punctures Vista Ridge!

Kinder Morgan punctures Vista Ridge! Thanks to Saturday’s Rivard Report we learned about Kinder Morgan’s “puncture” of the VR pipeline in Caldwell County! Check out the comments. One of them is by the very astute Board President of the Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District, Milan Michalec. Other comments posted today are important to see how “what me worry” SAWS has minimized this breach. Meanwhile, we missed this May 6 Rivard Report piece by ace reporter Brendan Gibbons covering the April[…]

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Vista Ridge Begins Pumping for San Antonio

Have SAWS and Vista Ridge Fallen Victim to COVID-19?

Have SAWS and Vista Ridge Fallen Victim to COVID-19? What Happens When a City Refuses to Manage Its Own Public Utility? Or: “Never let a crisis go to waste.” — Rahm Emanuel At their April 7 meeting, the San Antonio Water System Board of Trustees gave General Manager Robert Puente unilateral power (through Resolution 33 — see below) to negotiate and execute contracts without approval by, or even advance notice to the Board. The excuse? In the midst of the[…]

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Take Action to Avert a Manmade Crisis, Vista Ridge & pro-democracy reform.

We just held a conference call to discuss the controversial Vista Ridge (aka the “San Antone Hose) mega-water pipeline slated to begin pumping on April 15th and full bore pumping this summer. You might remember, we started a municipal petition drive for the SAWS Accountability Act, but that’s on hold until the coronavirus crisis is over. We all realized this is not a time to allow a totally manmade crisis to unfold on the most valuable resource on this earth[…]

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Vista Ridge danger to Edwards Aquifer

Vista Ridge is a serious danger to the Mighty Edwards!

It’s now become clear that Vista Ridge is a serious danger to the Mighty Edwards! We warned you back in 2014 that Vista Ridge (the San Antone Hose) was a threat to TWO aquifers — the aquifers underlying counties east of Austin — the Carrizo-Wilcox (and its Simsboro formation) AND the mighty Edwards Aquifer. Remember, we told you about how Gov. Abbott used his veto pen to turn The Hose back on SAWS’ House Bill 1806 last May, protecting the[…]

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Giving to these 2 ALL volunteer outfits!

Many thanks to you early givers this morning for giving to these 2 ALL-volunteer outfits! To clarify, we at LIV are suggesting that for #GivingTuesday today and throughout the month, you give to two ALL VOLUNTEER entities and ask your friends to do the same. ►Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund. The water defense fund is a 501c3 non-profit. Their donations are matched and provide a tax-deducation for givers. You can give to the water defense fund on their Facebook here[…]

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Topple the Turkey Giving Tuesday

Topple the Turkey Giving Tuesday, December 3rd. Giving Tuesday is a worldwide GIVING day.  But don’t worry if you miss this deadline. We’ll be at it all month. Click on this 1 minute video, watch the turkey topple and do share! Our world is capable of incredible giving and incredible taking. Which side we are all on is a daily choice. Tomorrow and all month, join LIV’s efforts to give to our incoming generations. Here’s how — don’t forget number[…]

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