No One is talking about it

No one is talking about it.

No one is talking about it, except affected landowners, the Bastrop and Lee County Commissioners Courts, LIV and now Bastrop Dems! See all written testimony here. The following article is reprinted from LIV’s Linda Curtis submission to the Bastrop Democrats newsletter. We encourage Bastrop Republicans to do the same. I have heard this statement – no one is talking about it (water) — from local political activists about our water issues. They’re right. The political class treats the mass transfer[…]

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Stop the SAWS Profiteers!

Stop the SAWS Profiteers! LIV proudly presents this online petition “Stop the Water Profiteers at SAWS“ at Voters from both major and both minor parties agree on at least one thing. It is all kind of Texas wrong for a public water utility to soak (pun intended) ratepayers on behalf of the biggest welfare queens on the planet — land speculators and BIG developers. The petition calls upon Gov. Greg Abbott; the chairs of the two major parties —[…]

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Vista Ridge danger to Edwards Aquifer

Vista Ridge is a serious danger to the Mighty Edwards!

It’s now become clear that Vista Ridge is a serious danger to the Mighty Edwards! We warned you back in 2014 that Vista Ridge (the San Antone Hose) was a threat to TWO aquifers — the aquifers underlying counties east of Austin — the Carrizo-Wilcox (and its Simsboro formation) AND the mighty Edwards Aquifer. Remember, we told you about how Gov. Abbott used his veto pen to turn The Hose back on SAWS’ House Bill 1806 last May, protecting the[…]

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NEW Veto HB 1806! Call the Governor now!

New Veto HB 1806! Call Gov. to Veto HB 1806 – save the aquifers, rural Texas
 and all ratepayers! We just sent this letter urging Governor Abbott veto HB 1806 passed at the 11th hour by the Senate on Wednesday night. This egregious “water” legislation aggressively drummed up by San Antonio Water System (SAWS – a public water utility) adversely affects millions of Texans, our aquifers and our wallets. Of equal concern is that SAWS, without San Antonio City Council[…]

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Groundwater is more valuable than oil

More and more Texans have smelled the coffee that groundwater is more valuable than oil, so why subsidize growth by benefiting water profiteers. We need calls before HB 1066 hits the Senate Floor tomorrow, May 2! FIND YOUR LEGISLATORS HERE Call tonight and leave a message…see the Fact Sheet on this bill below. And ask your family and friends to make a call too! This Fact Sheet prepared by Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA) and signed on to by[…]

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Release: Texas Water Development Board Violating Open Government Laws

For Immediate Release                                                                        January 23, 2017 League of Independent Voters of Texas Claims Texas Water Development Board in Violation of Texas Open Meetings Act The people of Texas have a vital interest in water.  Yet, the Texas Water Development Board is, in essence, holding a secret meeting–what they call a “unique opportunity” available only to their invited presenters and those who pay $525 to attend–to set their course on water allocation issues.  If there was ever[…]

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