Reaching Texas Independents

Little Bandwidth for Partisan Bloodbath on Elections

“Texas independents have little bandwidth for partisan bloodbath on elections.” Open letter from Texas independents sent to Texas Senate and House Committees deliberating on Election Bills, HB 6 & SB 7 The following letter was sent as a media release by the League of Independent Voters of Texas to Texas media and members of the Texas House Elections and Senate State Affairs Committees in light of their deliberations on HB 6 and SB 7. Dear Members of the House Elections[…]

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Mark Miller, LIV Advisory Committee

Electing Electors, Mark Miller

Once again, we thank Mark Miller for this wonderful article, “Electing Electors.” Mark is a retired professor of Petroleum Engineering. But you likely remember him when the top major Texas newspapers endorsed him when he ran for Railroad Commission in 2016 — on the Libertarian Party ticket. He was the most qualified, by far! Mark also sits on the LIV Advisory Committee mainly focusing his efforts on election reform. As we enter our far-too-lengthy presidential election season, the political class[…]

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Y’all come Friday Indy Lobby Day Austin, Saturday Conference Cedar Creek

You will be kicking yourself if you miss these events on Friday and Saturday. Register now and please come to the Capitol on Friday to join us in our first Lobby Day — Our Water, Our Land, Our Elections! On Saturday, join us in Cedar Creek for the Texas Populism Conference: Building the Independent Rural-Urban Alliance! Please register by 3 tomorrow to get the best lunch on the menu. With 50% of Millennial voters now self-declared independents, these events are[…]

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Letter to Join Texans for Electoral Competition

The signers of this letter represent an array of Texans across party lines and ideology that recently formed a coalition — Texans for Electoral Competition. TEC intends to engage in supporting and opposing legislation in the 2017 legislative session to open up electoral competition for all Texans. You are receiving this letter to invite you to join our coalition.

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Back in the Saddle Again…in Jeddo

This message is a community alert involving an area where these four counties converge — Bastrop, Caldwell, Fayette & Gonzales (in the Jeddo community). (This late notice was unavoidable, sorry!) We here at the non-profit League of Independent Voters of Texas are back in the saddle again both in Jeddo and getting ready for the 2017 legislative session. The session just started yesterday! A groundwater permit hearing has been called by the Plum Creek Conservation District for 1 pm on[…]

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Special Conference Call this Sunday (not tomorrow!)

We will hold an urgent and special conference call on Sunday evening at 6 pm to discuss some developments in the “water war” impacting all of us in the fight. (No conference call will take place tomorrow morning). Call the League at 512-213-4511 for the call in number. ALSO, PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  All you Texans fighting the dewatering of your communities have a stake in this, so please come in from across the region. Wednesday, June 24, 6 pm[…]

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