SUPPORT THESE EMINENT DOMAIN RELATED BILLS NOW TO BE HEARD TOMORROW I am writing as tomorrow, April 25 at 8 am in room E2.012 marks the biggest day of the session where numerous eminent domain bills are going to be heard in the Land & Resource Management Committee.  More bills have been added since last week, so I have narrowed and prioritized this list. Both the House and Senate versions of the omnibus bills SB 421 and its companion HB[…]

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One more reason to come on Tuesday!

Some Good News on Eminent Domain Reform

We are writing you first with some good news on eminent domain reform.  As of yesterday, Kolkhorst’s omnibus bill SB421 passed.  No, it doesn’t look like the same bill as it first started, but it will incrementally improve the process. Schwertner’s SB555 on landowners not paying property taxes also passed the Senate.  So now there are 5 bills passed through the Senate which also include SB554, SB553, and SB552 which collectively address the repurchase of property where a project doesn’t[…]

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Vista Ridge Resolution Coalition

Water grabbers on run…help us whup ’em!

Landowners won a round in court on October 18, facing off End Op’s (now “Recharge”) water grabbing siege on the Simsboro in Lee & Bastrop counties.

The San Antone Vista Ridge Hose, on the other side of the same Simsboro aquifer, continues to lay pipe despite the financing nightmare unfolding on SAWS ratepayers and continued opposition by landowners in Burleson and Milam counties.

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The Disappointing 85th Texas Legislature

As we wrap up another round of the Texas Legislature, I can’t help but think of another lost opportunity. This session began with great optimism, as they always do, but in the end, the same old question arises; why did I bother? Why do I continue to let myself be optimistic, only to be disappointed session after session? Maybe the disappointment will wear off by the time the 86th Legislature rolls around, but right now, eminent domain reform seems hopeless.

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Pass the Greatest Bill Since Sliced Bread!

THIS FRIDAY! The greatest bill since sliced bread for the 42% plurality of Texans who are independent (we salute no party) is going to hit the floor of the Texas House. House Bill 25 — ending straight ticket “one punch” voting in Texas is a must do to bring about competitive elections.

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Be a NIMBI, Now I Must Be Involved

We apologize for frequent and lengthy emails. We are doing our best to inform you during an extraordinary Texas legislative session. Do what you can with any and all of this! Looking to be an active independent? Join us this THURSDAY (not Wednesday!) on a statewide conference call at 8 pm. Reply for conference instructions. After you read this, do the deed! Contact your legislators – Texas House and Senate – find them right here. Tomorrow Hearings! Wednesday, April 12,[…]

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Butt Ugly Bills and the good and bad

Urban-rural Water Call-In Day — and week!

Today is urban-rural water call-in day marking a united Texas effort to get the water hogs out of the trough. If you miss this message, do this anytime this week (though watch for updates) and get set for a long haul until the end of session, May 29th. We have repeatedly warned you that THIS is the largest, most egregious transfer of wealth planned for this session.

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