LIV News, July 22, 2021

The elephant in the Texas voting booth that neither party wants to talk about is the suppression of a plurality of Texas voters.  Surprise! There are more non-aligned and independent Texans than Democrats or Republicans. We at LIV see the Texas GOP fighting the inevitable as Texas turns not blue but into a two-party competitive state. Competition is good, though we have big bones to pick with both parties. Read our main course in this LIV News feast from Linda[…]

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King Greg Abdicates: Energy and Water Cutoffs Soon

Let me tell you a little story about how we got to this place as energy and water cutoffs are in the air as King Greg Abdicates. In the late 90s, I called on Austin voters to vote to put me on the City Council using my tongue-in-cheek slogan, “Linda for A Little Less Corruption.” It got me plenty of laughs and some unexpected votes. I was making calls to get out the vote during early voting, and Greg Abbott,[…]

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Our Land, Our Water, Our Democracy LIV Lobby Day March 5th

Officials Were Warned

For years, officials have been warned about the consequences of pumping aquifers too hard and too fast and especially Vista Ridge (“the hose”) as the mistaken “California water model” for Texas. Still no action from state and local officials, even after the Big Freeze — about which the state was warned since 2011. Senator Charles Perry, as chair of the Senate Committee on Water, Agriculture and Rural Affairs, sat on any bills that he — and his corporate ag boosters[…]

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A Special Message to Fayette County

This is a special message to Fayette County because we think you live in Fayette County or very near the Fayette County line. Please correct us if we’re wrong. We hope you will attend a meeting on Monday and a public hearing in July. Read on. What we have to tell you concerns 10 counties east of I-35, where decisions affecting the future of our aquifers are in process by our groundwater districts. Please know that the pumping underway by[…]

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Dizzy Yet?

Are ya dizzy yet? We are at LIV. We almost forgot about tonight’s salvo on the battle over the “DFCs” — the desired future conditions! The WATER WAR just 40 miles east of the Capitol Dome is where multiple groundwater districts could make a monumentally flawed or sound decision for managing aquifers. Depletion or conservation sounds simple but it’s not. Landowner wells, the canaries in the mine, are experiencing serious damage in just the first year of this 30-60 year[…]

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The Big Squeeze

The Big Squeeze: government two-party failure not an option

It’s no surprise to Texas independents that the Big Squeeze goes hand in hand with the Big Freeze. and the ever corroding influence of the two-party monopoly in Texas. Those who run the City of Austin — largely Democrats — have repeatedly rejected any smart and doable strategies to temper its growth to avoid the very crisis the city is in today. Austin’s crisis just hit national news in this CBS-TV report! In 2011, the GOP dominated Texas Legislature was[…]

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Big Freeze, not so fast Lege to bury

Don’t let the Lege rush past the Big Freeze crime scene.

Don’t let the Lege rush past the Big Freeze crime scene. We want to know just who walked off with billions of ratepayer dollars, and how are we really going to fix the grid? Then, there’s the story of repeated refusals to guard our most precious resource — water. This dereliction of duty leaves Texans to their own devices as neither party has called for the obvious – an investigation, a special commission and a special session. We – Texas[…]

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LCRA Should Know Better!

For sure, LCRA should know better! But, that’s not stopped them yet from demanding in on the siege on the Simsboro along with the San Antone Hose. This is LIV’s reminder as tonight’s hearing (Thurs., Jan. 28, 6 pm), online and on the phone, impacts on you, your drinking water supply provided by aquifers and what you are paying for water policy gone awry. Reminder! FINAL HEARING on LCRA Permit Demand! Please share this message! It’s important to let the[…]

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