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Our Land, Our Water, Our Democracy LIV Lobby Day March 5th

LIV News: September 3, 2021

We hope you take the time for this special edition of LIV News: September 3, 2021, chock full of up-to-date political coverage from Texas independents. Join us next Tuesday, Sept. 7, at 7 pm for our LIV Monthly Forum to discuss any of the contents of this newsletter. We will also release the results of our survey, “I want more choices at the ballot box.” (Make sure you take it!) For details on how to join the call email contact@LIVTexas.org[…]

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Cyrier backs Commish Courts in Lost Pines

We’re happy to report that Rep. John Cyrier backs commish courts in Lost Pines! John Cyrier (R-Lockhart) issued a letter supporting a united call for rejection of the “DFCs” (desired future conditions) by the Lost Pines Groundwater District. This is an important step to protect the aquifers in the 10 county area east of Austin and to achieve a balance between production and conservation our most precious resource. Cyrier currently serves as the Chair of the Sunset Commission. Read it[…]

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Joe Straus Comes Out Swinging for Local Control

Joe Straus Comes Out Swinging for Local Control Did you catch this opinion editorial in the SA Express News by Joe Straus?  “Local control essential to keep students safe.” The Texas GOP failed to defend its own principles. Atoning is the first step. So thanks, Joe. The second step is leaving the Texas GOP with a declaration of political independence. That’s totally up to Joe. We would add two things to Former Texas House Speaker, Joe Straus’ statement on local[…]

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The Best Way to Kill The Democratic Republic: Redistricting

The best way to kill the democratic republic is not simply about the long-debated and bitterly fought over legislation pushed by Texas Republicans (Senate Bill 1) to tighten Texas election laws. The very best way to kill a democratic republic is to allow the party in power to wield their redistricting ax to pick their voters through gerrymandering. Whichever party is in power gerrymanders while demonizing their opponents. What they’re doing is denying all voters the right to competitive (not[…]

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Invasion of the body of law snatchers: the Texas TaliDan

Invasion of the body of law snatchers: the Texas TaliDan. Update: If you visit the link to the Right to Life Whistleblower site linked below, you might see it is now a security risk. Also, Go Daddy, the site’s original host, gave them 24 hours to move their site due to what Go Daddy states is a violation of their privacy policies — more here. Then there are the “hacktivists” who bombarded the site with “fake tips” — see here.[…]

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A real survey

A Real Survey! “Do you want more choices at the ballot box?”

A real survey! Have you ever been subjected to one of those surveys that really has no intention of actually asking your opinion? Thanks to LIV leaders and supporters for their input and willingness to answer question after question, we have a REAL survey for you. You can even add your own answers. 🙂 Take the, “Do you want more choices at the ballot box?” LIV Survey now! The survey will be the subject of discussion at our monthly “First[…]

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No One is talking about it

No one is talking about it.

No one is talking about it, except affected landowners, the Bastrop and Lee County Commissioners Courts, LIV and now Bastrop Dems! See all written testimony here. The following article is reprinted from LIV’s Linda Curtis submission to the Bastrop Democrats newsletter. We encourage Bastrop Republicans to do the same. I have heard this statement – no one is talking about it (water) — from local political activists about our water issues. They’re right. The political class treats the mass transfer[…]

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hearing on desired future conditions

Last Hearing on Desired Future Conditions

WaterDefenders.org — Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund and Environmental Stewardship — urge your attendance (in person or online) at the last hearing on Desired Future Conditions in Groundwater Management Area 12. The Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District Board wants to hear from you, especially if you live in Bastrop or Lee County. We have prepared for you the Event Page below with all the details, including our own original document — Desired Future Conditions for Dummies. Mind you, we don’t think[…]

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