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As our country mourns the dead — LIV News, June 3

As our country mourns the dead and celebrates their uniqueness, we suggest you read this very personal and beautiful account of those who knew  “gentle giant”, George Floyd in Texas Monthly. Special thanks to Richard Winger (Ballot Access News & Center for Competitive Democracy) for his review of Lee Drutman’s revolutionary new book, “Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop.” Drutman’s proposals for fundamental restructuring of our electoral system may be required to heal and unite our country today. LIV is here[…]

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How to vote on July 14: Early voting starts June 29

Are you thinking about how to vote on July 14? We sure hope so as there’s a bunch of good people trying to ensure it is safe, secure and accessible for you to exercise your right to vote. Early voting starts on June 29 for the July 14 primary runoffs and the only special election we’re aware of – Senate District 14. You can go to the polls, like you normally do. BUT, we strongly suggest you read THIS state[…]

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Book Review: Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop by Lee Drutman

Here’s what Rich Winger of Ballot Access News wrote about Lee Drutman’s new  humdinger of a book “Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop”. Note: LIV has a study group that is forming soon. Get the book and reach us if you want to join us. Although the title may sound lurid, “Doom Loop” is an established term. A synonym is “Reinforcing feedback loop”. A microphone connects to an amplifier; the microphone picks up a whisper; the amplifier makes the whisper louder;[…]

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Construction or Destruction

Kinder Morgan punctures Vista Ridge!

Kinder Morgan punctures Vista Ridge! Thanks to Saturday’s Rivard Report we learned about Kinder Morgan’s “puncture” of the VR pipeline in Caldwell County! Check out the comments. One of them is by the very astute Board President of the Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District, Milan Michalec. Other comments posted today are important to see how “what me worry” SAWS has minimized this breach. Meanwhile, we missed this May 6 Rivard Report piece by ace reporter Brendan Gibbons covering the April[…]

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Memory Loss of Memorial Day

Americans have suffered memory loss of Memorial Day at a moment when it’s urgently important for us all to remember. In this issue: ► The Origins of Memorial Day ► Kinder Morgan Punctures Vista Ridge Pipeline! ► Help Push The Prime Act Over Finish Line! (Call Bernie, y’all!) ► Important Updates ► VERY Important Events ► The Origins of Memorial Day:  Why do so few of us know the origins of Memorial Day? The answer is seen in this uniquely[…]

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The world turns May 20

May 20 LIV Newsletter: As the world turns

As the world turns, so do we here at LIV. We encourage your feedback by using the comments on our blog. Just follow the links for each individual article, or comment on this main newsletter page. And please share any of this with your Texas independent pals using our lavish share buttons or forward this message. In this May 20 LIV Newsletter: (scroll down for more on these topics) ►  What do Angus King & Rand Paul Have In Common?[…]

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What do Angus King and Rand Paul have in common?

Update, May 25:  ► Help push the PRIME Act across the finish line! See the updated letter to Congress here. In just two weeks, the PRIME Act has gained 20 new co-sponsors in the House and Senate! Combined, there are 46 sponsors and co-sponsors, including members from both parties, two of three independents (not yet Bernie Sanders, y’all call him!) and 24 states! Remember, this federal legislation requires no government funding, just government fairness to lift unnecessary restrictions on small-scale,[…]

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Austin: Environmental and Consumer Groups Oppose Gas Rate Increase

Update, May 8, 2020: The Council voted unanimously against the gas rate increase and Council Member Kathie Tovo asked that the points made in this release  be ‘considered’ in the appeal and settlement discussions. Congratulations to the groups who brought this forward. Environmental and Consumer Groups Oppose Gas Rate Increase FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 6, 2020 AUSTIN, TX- Nine local or state environmental and consumer groups have called in unison for the Austin City Council to reject a record 22%[…]

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