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Ring the Liberty Bell Governor, Veto HB 1066!

Ring the Liberty Bell, Governor, veto HB 1066! ►We humbly request that you ring the Liberty Bell by reaching out to the Governor to request a veto of HB 1066 — to protect rural and urban Texans’ water, wallets and right to a public hearing. Do this now and throughout this week. Copy and paste this letter to the Governor posted here and add your own words, too. ►In San Antonio tonight, we’re holding the second meeting of the new[…]

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Urge Governor Abbott to Veto HB 1066

You may copy this letter and send it via email to Governor Greg Abbott here. You can call the Governor at 512-463-2000. The Honorable Greg Abbott                                                                        May 11, 2019 Governor of Texas P.O. Box 12428 Austin, Texas 78711 Dear Governor Abbott: I am writing to ask you to veto HB 1066, which passed on May 10. And I am further requesting your help to stop additional groundwater bills or amended language from – HB 726,[…]

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Pay to Play in San Antonio! Join us Monday night.

Congratulations to all the candidates running in the first round of voting for City Council. There are three in the four runoffs who are pledged to support the Vista Ridge Resolution: Greg Brockhouse in the Mayor’s race. Jada Andrews-Sullvan in District 2 and Adriana Garcia in District 4. It’s also not too late for challengers running in any of these races or in the District 6 runoff to come on board, so keep working on them! There is a recount going[…]

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Hit Pay to Play and Vista Ridge in the Right Spot

Watch our 1 minute+ video “Hit Pay to Play and Vista Ridge in the Right Spot” and share away, San Antonio! Groups that rarely work together — Alamo Sierra Club, Homeowner-Taxpayer Association of Bexar County, Joshua Initiative, LULAC Concilio Zapatistic 4383, San Antonio Keeping Bureaucracies Accountable and the League of Independent Voters – San Antonio — all want an independent management, financial and legal audit of the Vista Ridge Water Pipeline…not to mention an end to the pay to play[…]

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Groundwater is more valuable than oil

More and more Texans have smelled the coffee that groundwater is more valuable than oil, so why subsidize growth by benefiting water profiteers. We need calls before HB 1066 hits the Senate Floor tomorrow, May 2! FIND YOUR LEGISLATORS HERE Call tonight and leave a message…see the Fact Sheet on this bill below. And ask your family and friends to make a call too! This Fact Sheet prepared by Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA) and signed on to by[…]

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Release: 23 Candidates Endorse Vista Ridge Resolution

For Immediate Release                                                                        April 29, 2019 Twenty-three Candidates Endorse Vista Ridge Resolution Video Likens Vista Ridge to Goliath, Ratepayers to David Twenty-three candidates running for San Antonio Mayor and City Council on May 4th have reviewed the information and endorsed the Vista Ridge Resolution calling for clarification of “the policymaking role of San Antonio Water System, and its need for more openness and transparency; requiring an independent managerial, legal and financial review of the Vista[…]

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SUPPORT THESE EMINENT DOMAIN RELATED BILLS NOW TO BE HEARD TOMORROW I am writing as tomorrow, April 25 at 8 am in room E2.012 marks the biggest day of the session where numerous eminent domain bills are going to be heard in the Land & Resource Management Committee.  More bills have been added since last week, so I have narrowed and prioritized this list. Both the House and Senate versions of the omnibus bills SB 421 and its companion HB[…]

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Endi Two Party Rule The Quest

17 Candidates Support Vista Ridge Resolution!

Congratulations, San Antonio! The League of Independent Voters now has a local chapter growing in San Antonio! More congratulations! Seventeen (17) candidates currently running for San Antonio City Council and Mayor have endorsed our call for passage of the Vista Ridge Resolution — found here. In short, the Vista Ridge Resolution calls for clarification of “the role of San Antonio Water System (SAWS), and its need for more openness and transparency, requiring an independent managerial, legal and financial review of[…]

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