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Release: Simsboro Aquifer Under Siege, Independents Pray for Abbott Intervention in Post-Harvey World

Bastrop, Texas, Thursday, October 5, 2017: Some would say only God and Mother Nature “own” the Simsboro — humanity only stewards it. Residents of Bastrop, Lee, Milam and Burleson counties are looking to enlist Governor Greg Abbott’s intervention in what they’re calling a manmade disaster in the making – the draining of the very slow to recharge Simsboro Aquifer by San Antonio’s Vista Ridge water project, aka “San Antone Hose”. The “Hose” is a “mega-permit” in the Simsboro just 30 miles east of the Governor’s residence, according to claims by the non-profit League of Independent Voters of Texas.

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In Post-Harvey Texas Will Governor Abbott Allow a Manmade Disaster?

Is it possible that Governor Greg Abbott will intervene in this manmade disaster in the making – the draining of the oh so slow (in human terms) to recharge Simsboro – just 30 miles east of his residence? Some would say only God and Mother Nature “own” the Simsboro — humanity only stewards it. The Governor most needs to hear from you. His number is 512.463.2000. Ask for his intervention and pray for the divine too.

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RED ALERT! Stop the Vista Ridge Fast One on Tuesday — Milano, TX

This red alert signals a turning point in the Vista Ridge water project – aka the San Antone Hose.

WE URGE YOUR ATTENDANCE THIS TUESDAY – COME TO MILANO (MILAM COUNTY) on OCT. 3RD, 5:30 PM to put a halt to a fast one by the Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District at its office, 310 East Avenue C, Milano, TX 76556. As usual, the fast one concerns yet another favor by the Post Oak District to Vista Ridge.

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Cedar Creek Residents Express Concerns at TCEQ — including video!

We are happy to provide a 29-minute video this portion of the TCEQ hearing held in Cedar Creek, Texas (Bastrop County) on September 18, 2017.  While you watch it, ask yourself whether this a proper location (Hwy. 21 near the junction of FM 812) for a waste transfer station? This is a high-growth area due to its proximity to Austin. Residents and County Commissioner Mark Meuth, who has long lived in this area, raised very serious and legitimate concerns about[…]

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Nat Love, a typical cowboy...and freed slave, 1907

Do you really love LIV?

We know you love us, we know it’s true, but do you love us enough to pay your membership dues?

Nat Love, a typical cowboy in 1907, is a reminder that we need an open range where the ideological and party fences that divide us are taken down so the cowboys and cowgirls, from all heritages, can work together. Join LIV now, partners!

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