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Texas Election Reform, Tom Glass

Our 9 am conference call this Saturday will focus on Texas Election Reform and led by Tom Glass. Reply for the conference call details.

We hope to see you this coming Monday, in Austin, in Cedar Creek on Wednesday and in Lockhart on Thursday…all detailed below.

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Good Bills, Bad Bills – join us Saturday!

NOTICE!: Please join our “Good Bills, Bad Bills” Statewide Conference Call this Saturday, 3:30-4:30 pm. We will not be streaming this event. Reply for details.

Here’s the deal on the 2015 legislative session. It’s all about local control; instead of control by the King and Queen lobbies — real estate and oil and gas.

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Water Meetings in Giddings and Caldwell, y’all come

* Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District, 7 pm, Giddings City Hall, 188 Richmond Street. The LCRA keeps coming back — now for the third time! LCRA, a river authority that should be looking out for, protecting, and conserving OUR Colorado River, is turning it’s back on the river, the bay, and its rural customers and neighbors, to satisfy its self-serving desires and urban demands for water. Lost Pines GCD needs to know we’re there — for as long as it takes and as many times as it takes to protect our water.

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Be on the Saturday Conference Call

We must hit the ground running in January or the Legislature, and the King and Queen lobbies (real estate and oil and gas), will surely see fit to run over us all. Don’t miss this Saturday’s 9 am conference call. We need you! Call us at 512-213-4511 for details on how to join the call. If you missed last week’s message, click here to read it. We want to give you some very important updates and then open it up[…]

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