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Release: TML & High Ranks of Republican Party Fail Urban & Rural Texans, say Independents

Bastrop, Texas, 6 pm: The non-profit, non-partisan League of Independent Voters of Texas (LIV) is urging urban and rural Texans to call their legislators to help kill two bills that could come to the floor of the House and Senate tomorrow (Sunday). LIV warns that if Senate Bills 1172 and 533 pass, there could be grave impacts on rural and urban Texas, while those who had the power to protect them in the Texas Municipal League and in the highest ranks of the Republican Party failed to act.

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Urgent Update in Final Hours of This Session

This action request is for you to do today or tomorrow — but ASAP! Update Killing Amendment 6 to SB 533 — the SAWS Bid Rigging Maneuver! Again, we ask for your help to kill Amendment 6 to SB 533 by having it stripped from the bill. Our message yesterday has all the details and phone numbers for you to call. To clarify: SAWS and possibly other large cities want to make it easier to cut off the bidding process[…]

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Torpedo this sneaky SAWS water amendment for the San Antone Hose!

We REALLY need your help to torpedo a SAWS Vista Ridge/San Antone Hose — Amendment #6 to Senate Bill 533 — at the last minute, just like we did in 2015. Remember, we warned you about last minute shenanigans!

Today, SAWS (San Antonio Water System) was in a court of law in San Antonio AND at the Legislature with another trumped up “emergency” to build the SAWS hooks up to the Vista Ridge Project (their $3.4 billion, 142-mile mass conveyance water pipeline) at the expense of their ratepayers and despite opposition by landowners over the “donor” aquifer.

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Time is flying! Legislature, remember our water & land???

Last minute changes to the Water Code are expected to come to the floor of the Senate TODAY by way of Rep. Lyle Larson’s (R-San Antonio) HB 31. Truthfully, Larson has already secured a big hand off for water marketers, especially Vista Ridge, with the passage of HB 2378. HB 2378 sets automatic renewals for export groundwater permits, enabling the water lobby to further maximize profits from mass movement of groundwater. This was unstoppable.

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Beware of False Profits Sticking It To Us

You heard the big news, right? Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, empowered by the “Freedom Caucus” (FC) — approximately 11 representatives in the Texas House — trumped Texas House Speaker Joe Straus. The FC thereby killed a bunch of bills including a critical bill for all of central Texas – HB 3996 – to force a sunset review of the rogue water utility otherwise known as SAWS. (Read this excellent piece R.G. Ratcliff for more.)

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Bad Seed Bill (SB 1172/ HB 3582) IS Monsanto’s

This was taken from an action alert by the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance: We were successful in stalling the bad seed & sprays bill for almost a month — but Monsanto and its allies succeeded in moving it forward yesterday. And just in case we are able to block them on the “traditional” way to pass a bill (i.e. getting it approved by both chambers), they have found a parallel, alternative path. So we have to block them in[…]

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