LCRA Should Know Better!

For sure, LCRA should know better! But, that’s not stopped them yet from demanding in on the siege on the Simsboro along with the San Antone Hose. This is LIV’s reminder as tonight’s hearing (Thurs., Jan. 28, 6 pm), online and on the phone, impacts on you, your drinking water supply provided by aquifers and what you are paying for water policy gone awry. Reminder! FINAL HEARING on LCRA Permit Demand! Please share this message! It’s important to let the[…]

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Texas wretched water war TURNS this Thursday night! Be on the line, y’all.

NOTICE: We urge you to be on the line this Thursday, January 28, from 6 to 9 pm for a final hearing by the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District Board, on the LCRA’s (Lower Colorado River Authority’s) mega-permit demand on the same aquifers permitted by Vista Ridge. LCRA, a quasi-governmental agency should know better. This hearing is held at the very same time that Vista Ridge is causing landowner wells to go dry. A temporary moratorium on permits is in[…]

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IMPORTANT Lost Pines Water Meeting Tonight

There’s an Important Lost Pines Water Meeting Tonight by phone! Hop on the phone TONIGHT –
Wednesday night, January 20th, at 7 pm! Within a short few months of full bore pumping by Vista Ridge (“The San Antone Hose”), landowner wells are going dry in Burleson and Lee counties. Meanwhile, privateering water marketers and the Lower Colorado River Authority – a governmental entity, mind you – are continuing their quest for MORE permits on the same aquifers. Read this January 8,[…]

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It’s time to end the two-party doom loop

If you think it’s time to end the two-party doom loop, and to put the partisan uncivil war developing our country on hold, you came to the right place. We’ve been working for years to bring people together who DISAGREE! We are hearing from more and more people who want out of the “two-party doom loop”. That’s a phrase we take from Lee Drutman’s book, Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop. Drutman asserts that opening up electoral competition is the peaceful[…]

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SAWS Keeps Dumping on YOU as SD 14 Runoff is ON!

SAWS keeps dumping on you. Now that Vista Ridge is pumping (full bore expected in August), San Antonio’s public water utility apparently thinks they can claim victory because they are “waterful”, a word they had the audacity to make up! What the San Antonio City Council is allowing to happen to 1.8 million ratepayers, to landowners 142 miles away, and to a precious water resource — in the midst of a pandemic — begs for a serious head examination. You[…]

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Watson bails

Watson Bails

Pandemic Pilfering Case Number 2:  Watson Bails The decision by Senator Kirk Watson to bail as a leader of the central Texas growth machine could be real good news as the crisis in his wake unfolds right before our very eyes. The insistence on IH-35 expansion is the legacy of Austin’s hooked-on-growth political boss, Kirk Watson. Watson wanted Dell Medical Center to be his legacy. Rumors floating for years about Watson shopping for a new gig at an institution of[…]

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The water grinch is surely the LCRA

LCRA Water Grinch of 2018. Forces legal hearing 6 days before Christmas!

The Grinch of the year is surely the LCRA. The Lower Colorado River Authority is pushing hard for a redundant and massive water grab of Simsboro water 8 days before Christmas. The move is bad news for all Texans given its potential impact on water policy. In essence, “The California Water Model”, an already proven disaster is proceeding in Texas at the behest of the real estate lobby and their minions on public office. The ancient Simsboro formation of the[…]

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Bastrop Landowners Rally to Protect their Wells

Bastrop Landowners Rally To Protect Their Wells From Water Grab – LCRA Permit Hearing Is On September 26th. by Al Braden

Bastrop Landowners rally to protect their wells from water grab by LCRA “Mega-Permit.” Michele Gangnes, of the Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund spoke to over 200 Bastrop and Lee County residents in two consecutive meetings at the American Legion Hall in Bastrop, September 13th. They learned the issues and strategized how to defend their well water from LCRA and other water pirates planning big export wells in the precious Simsboro Aquifer. The event was co-sponsored by Friends of Bastrop Water.[…]

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