Perot Memoriam

Ross Perot Memoriam from his grassroots: The Imperfect Insurgency

Ross Perot Memoriam from his grassroots: The Imperfect Insurgency Much has been said about Ross Perot’s passing but little from his grassroots. That’s us at the League of Independent Voters who got up close enough to find long-lasting appreciation and love for Ross Perot. They – the insurgents – never are perfect. But the timing of his death was so like him. It was right on the money with new independent leadership (Amash, Cuban and others still working within the[…]

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Governor turns The Hose (Vista Ridge) on SAWS — Vetoes HB 1806!

Governor turns The Hose (Vista Ridge) on SAWS — Vetoes HB 1806! Governor Greg Abbott gave Texans a wonderful gift Saturday when he vetoed House Bill 1806 and turned The Hose (Vista Ridge) on SAWS, San Antonio’s public water utility. Read the Governor’s official statement here. The Governor’s veto sent a clear message to SAWS’ publicly-funded lobby team that they need to give their shenanigans with other people’s water and wallets a rest. Abbott is no fool. The Governor locked[…]

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Ron Nirenberg and Steve Adler have joined forces. Watch your water and wallet.

Before we tell you the story of why we think San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Austin Mayor Steve Adler have joined forces, we have some urgently important business to attend to. That would be convincing the Governor to VETO HB 1806 to put a public water utility on notice that he will not tolerate reckless water policy involving billions in public dollars and our most precious resource…groundwater. Call Governor Abbott’s hotline NOW, during business hours — 512-463-2000. Urge him[…]

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It Ain't Over Until the Governor Sings!

It ain’t really over until the Governor sings!

The session might be over, but it ain’t really over until the Governor sings! The Governor received this letter today from Bastrop County Judge Paul Pape who urged a veto of HB 1806, the SAWS water and wallet grab bill: “As the County Judge of one of the counties where this water is coming from, I plead with you to veto this bad legislation and require that the ultimate use of any exported water be defined and vetted in the[…]

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"Private Letter" from Austin Mayor Steve Adler

“Private Letter” from Austin Mayor Steve Adler

Did you get the “Private Letter” from Austin Mayor Steve Adler urging you to contribute to another public official — San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg? Nirenberg is facing a tough reelection and what Adler simply calls a “special interest” group with no identification. LIV does not endorse candidates. But, we do support real and full disclosure in elections. So, we’d like you to know the identity of the “special interest” Adler fails to identify. The San Antonio Firefighters Association! They[…]

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NEW Veto HB 1806! Call the Governor now!

New Veto HB 1806! Call Gov. to Veto HB 1806 – save the aquifers, rural Texas
 and all ratepayers! We just sent this letter urging Governor Abbott veto HB 1806 passed at the 11th hour by the Senate on Wednesday night. This egregious “water” legislation aggressively drummed up by San Antonio Water System (SAWS – a public water utility) adversely affects millions of Texans, our aquifers and our wallets. Of equal concern is that SAWS, without San Antonio City Council[…]

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Same old same old on Redistricting Reform?

Will we see the same old same old on redistricting reform? If the BAD Petition Bill, SB 323, is passed by the Texas Legislature, it will hinder initiatives like the one brewing now in Fort Worth to establish a Citizens Independent Redistricting Commission. Heavy-handed politicians who want to control you like it that way. As it stands, the Fort Worth City Council is leaning towards a system of internal control for the next round of redistricting. Each of the eight[…]

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Make calls as soon as you see this

We at LIV really hope you will make calls as soon as you see this as the legislature moves into its final phase ending on May 27. And, please share the love with share buttons on this page or our Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter too. ►It’s time to KILL this BAD Petition Bill, SB 323! Calls needed now, including eves or weekends. ►HB 1066, brought to us by the SAWS lobby team for water hustlers to mute landowner[…]

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