Dizzy Yet?

Are ya dizzy yet? We are at LIV. We almost forgot about tonight’s salvo on the battle over the “DFCs” — the desired future conditions! The WATER WAR just 40 miles east of the Capitol Dome is where multiple groundwater districts could make a monumentally flawed or sound decision for managing aquifers. Depletion or conservation sounds simple but it’s not. Landowner wells, the canaries in the mine, are experiencing serious damage in just the first year of this 30-60 year[…]

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The Big Squeeze

The Big Squeeze: government two-party failure not an option

It’s no surprise to Texas independents that the Big Squeeze goes hand in hand with the Big Freeze. and the ever corroding influence of the two-party monopoly in Texas. Those who run the City of Austin — largely Democrats — have repeatedly rejected any smart and doable strategies to temper its growth to avoid the very crisis the city is in today. Austin’s crisis just hit national news in this CBS-TV report! In 2011, the GOP dominated Texas Legislature was[…]

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Big Freeze, not so fast Lege to bury

Don’t let the Lege rush past the Big Freeze crime scene.

Don’t let the Lege rush past the Big Freeze crime scene. We want to know just who walked off with billions of ratepayer dollars, and how are we really going to fix the grid? Then, there’s the story of repeated refusals to guard our most precious resource — water. This dereliction of duty leaves Texans to their own devices as neither party has called for the obvious – an investigation, a special commission and a special session. We – Texas[…]

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Big Freeze forum

Big Freeze Forum Monday!

Don’t miss LIV’s Big Freeze Forum on Monday, April 12, 7 pm! Who made billions off the Big Freeze disaster while we were freezing in our own homes? How much will you owe from the mishandling of the storm? We will focus on what, we peons (ratepayers), can actually do about this. Don’t be surprised if the Legislature tries to bury the bodies on this one, it becomes the central issue in the 2022 election. All voters will not forget,[…]

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Good, Bad and Butt Ugly Bills

Good, Bad and Butt ugly bills in the Texas Legislative Session. The ugly news is that nearly 200 people died in the Big Freeze. The Legislature was warned in 2011. The butt ugly news is that former PUC chair, Arthur D’Andrea “told investment analysts that he and the governor planned to protect Wall Street’s billions of dollars of windfall profits captured during last month’s freeze.” (Houston Chronicle, Mar. 19.) The good news is a new coalition — TXFEB (Texans for[…]

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LIV Goes Local

The policy, not politics, non-partisan LIV is going local. Don’t miss our announcement below. First, read this LIV news release “Little Bandwidth for Partisan Bloodbath.” Your next step: Visit our 2021 Lege Page — find your state rep & senator and state officials, especially the Governor and Lt. Governor. Kindly ask them to put aside their bickering and to put down their partisan weapons on Texas Elections. They must focus now to fix the grid and to investigate SAWS and[…]

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Reaching Texas Independents

Little Bandwidth for Partisan Bloodbath on Elections

“Texas independents have little bandwidth for partisan bloodbath on elections.” Open letter from Texas independents sent to Texas Senate and House Committees deliberating on Election Bills, HB 6 & SB 7 The following letter was sent as a media release by the League of Independent Voters of Texas to Texas media and members of the Texas House Elections and Senate State Affairs Committees in light of their deliberations on HB 6 and SB 7. Dear Members of the House Elections[…]

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Paul Robbins Power Presentation

March 8, 2021 Presentation to Joint Meeting of Electric Utility Commission and Resource Management Commission Commission Members: I am Paul Robbins.  I am an environmentalist, consumer advocate, and observer of Austin Energy since 1977. Before my main comments on the outages, I want to ask the Chair of the Resource Management Commission to post me on the next agenda to discuss the utility’s broken Customer Assistance Program.  Money has been given to the wrong people or the wrong purpose for[…]

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