Mark Cuban independent presidental option?

Should Mark Cuban run independent for President?

Should Mark Cuban run independent for President? This is the topic of an article we’re writing on the subject — to be released soon. That’s why we’re asking for your honest, unbridled but civil opinion. Most independents we know are tired of the partisan bloodletting that has served to stifle fundamentals of small “d” democracy — listening, deliberation and letting all sides be heard. Please note: LIV does not endorse candidates, nor do we tell them to run or not[…]

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TxDOT & CAMPO Ram IH-35 Expansion

Update: May 5 From the Austin Monitor From Save Our Springs Alliance: The unfortunate truth about CAMPO is that it tends to operate too much along tribal, R v. D, Austin v. surrounding county, lines.  However, the approved CAMPO 2045 plan is an equal opportunity, bipartisan failure. Traffic gets worse; our air and water get more polluted, natural areas that should be protected get fragmented and paved over. The so-called “saving grace” that we can’t afford the CAMPO 2045 price[…]

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Transportation Transparency Transgression

A transportation transparency transgression involving billions of potentially misplaced transportation dollars could happen today affecting all of central Texas. It’s so bad, you have the two key transportation leaders (Republican and Democrat) in the legislature hitting the pause button! So, pick up the phone or write your email now! Leaders of the transportation committees in the Texas House and Senate, east Texas Republican Senator Robert Nichols, and south Texas Democrat, Representative Terry Canales, according to the Austin American-Statesman on April[…]

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Vista Ridge Begins Pumping for San Antonio

Have SAWS and Vista Ridge Fallen Victim to COVID-19?

Have SAWS and Vista Ridge Fallen Victim to COVID-19? What Happens When a City Refuses to Manage Its Own Public Utility? Or: “Never let a crisis go to waste.” — Rahm Emanuel At their April 7 meeting, the San Antonio Water System Board of Trustees gave General Manager Robert Puente unilateral power (through Resolution 33 — see below) to negotiate and execute contracts without approval by, or even advance notice to the Board. The excuse? In the midst of the[…]

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Take Action to Avert a Manmade Crisis, Vista Ridge & pro-democracy reform.

We just held a conference call to discuss the controversial Vista Ridge (aka the “San Antone Hose) mega-water pipeline slated to begin pumping on April 15th and full bore pumping this summer. You might remember, we started a municipal petition drive for the SAWS Accountability Act, but that’s on hold until the coronavirus crisis is over. We all realized this is not a time to allow a totally manmade crisis to unfold on the most valuable resource on this earth[…]

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Let the Games Begin

Voting for Texas Railroad Commissioner

Voting for Texas Railroad Commissioner Though the Texas Railroad Commission was established in 1891 to regulate railroads, the last remnants of the Commission’s responsibilities over railroads were transferred to the Texas Department of Transportation in 2005. In spite of its misleading name, the Commission’s actual authority and jurisdiction is over the oil and natural gas industry, pipeline transporters, the natural gas and hazardous liquid pipeline industry, natural gas utilities, the LP-gas industry, and coal and uranium surface mining operations. The[…]

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SAWS Accountability and an audit of Vista Ridge

Is it not time for SAWS Accountability and an audit of Vista Ridge?! In 2014, when the San Antonio Water System (SAWS) and the then City Council, put the bums rush (30 days) on the Vista Ridge water pipeline project, we united across the 142-mile pipeline to urge a careful look at consequences of the Vista Ridge water pipeline. The Council was warned that it could not only do harm to the infinitesimally slow recharging aquifers underlying Burleson County, but[…]

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