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Transportation Transparency Transgression

A transportation transparency transgression involving billions of potentially misplaced transportation dollars could happen today affecting all of central Texas. It’s so bad, you have the two key transportation leaders (Republican and Democrat) in the legislature hitting the pause button! So, pick up the phone or write your email now! Leaders of the transportation committees in the Texas House and Senate, east Texas Republican Senator Robert Nichols, and south Texas Democrat, Representative Terry Canales, according to the Austin American-Statesman on April[…]

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Eight Gifts from the independent movement!

These surprise eight gifts from the independent movement are listed in random order. Y’all enjoy! GIFT #1: Toy Giveaway and the new game — the Vista Ridge Spin – coming soon to you too! LIV volunteers had a blast at the Toy Giveaway put on by Sharrell and Rufus Kemp on Saturday, December 14 in San Antonio’s District 2.   Adults played the new “The Vista Ridge Spin Game” winning a stuffed animal for the kiddos to choose. The main[…]

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