SAWS Act PAC Vista Ridge News

  SAWS Act PAC Vista Ridge News! The SAWS Act PAC sent out this news release this morning taking credit for saving ratepayers a cool $100,000 from the bloated salary of the SAWS CEO, Robert Puente. Of course, he still received a 4% raise, while the people of San Antonio — the poorest metro area in the US — are lining up at food banks. So wrong. The SAWS Act PAC has only just begun to fight: that is, SAFELY[…]

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Redistricting hearing Ft. Worth

Important for Bastrop County Voters!

Hopefully, you already know that early voting started today (Monday, June 29) for the major party runoffs. And, here in Bastrop is a hotly contested Special Election for Senate District 14 to fill the remaining two years left on the term vacated by Sen. Kirk Watson. Visit our SD 14 page for our extensive questionnaires filed out by 4 of the 6 candidate running. This message is only relevant in Bastrop County — that we’re aware of. And this message[…]

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Release: Texas Indies to Decide Tight Races

September 6, 2018                                                       For Immediate Release Texas Independents to Decide Tight Races Bastrop, Texas, 11:00 am: Independents are now the largest portion of the electorate, according to a 2018 Gallup Poll. These voters could become the “change” that many challengers claim to be. Today, the non-partisan, non-profit League of Independent Voters of Texas (LIV) released “How to Organize Texas Independents”, a guide for candidates running in November. They urge candidates regardless of party affiliation, to help unify voters to avert[…]

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End Op's Pipe Dream needs to be stopped

End Op’s Pipe Dream

End Op’s pipe dream — pun intended — to export masses of water out from under Bastrop and Lee counties has been stymied for years. We hope you have already seen this article, printed in the Bastrop Advertiser on February 8th.. And then there’s this article, published in the Giddings Times and News on February 7.  Both articles are about the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District’s — and End Op’s —- decisions to appeal a recent court decision in favor[…]

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Tell Post Oak We Want MORE Groundwater Management, Not LESS!

The Post Oak Groundwater Conservation District has scheduled an important public hearing on its rules this Wednesday, May 3, 2017, at 5:30 pm to discuss two rule amendments: The good one—Changes Rule 16 so the District will respond more quickly and decisively when our groundwater levels drop. The bad one—Rule 4.1 Eliminates public notice, hearings, and even spacing requirements when permit holders want to change the locations of planned wells (when the new locations are inside the permitted boundaries).  Bad[…]

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***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE***   9:00 am, February 2, 2016 CONTACT: Linda Curtis, League of Independent Voters (512) 657-2089, HEAD:  Central Texas Aquifer Levels to Plummet Due to Four Mega-Pumping Permits – New Hydrogeological Report Released as Interim Hearings on Water Begin in Texas Legislature AUSTIN, TEXAS – February 2, 2016 – A new report by groundwater hydrologist George Rice documents the effects of future pumping on Central Texas aquifers. The report adds to the information provided by Rice in[…]

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