She's baaack! Action please

Sorry this is so late, but

Sorry this is so late, but we need your help to reach legislators NOW to vote NO on House Bill 726 coming for a floor vote tomorrow – April 15th —  in the Texas House. We will soon do all we can to stop this in the Texas Senate! We need you to call your State Representative NOW! Find him or her here. (Or just call the Capitol Switchboard at 512-463-4630 and ask them to hook you up to your[…]

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Whole Lotta Political Shaking Going On

Folks, there’s a whole lotta political shaking going on in Texas. The earthquake we’re detecting is related to the convergence of both party establishments. That’s right. On some things – like the brokering of arguably the most valuable resources on the planet  – groundwater and land resources – they agree. Do nothing because Oil and Gas and Real Estate are the King and Queen lobbies. No one will tell you – but us, the independents – these “emperors” have no[…]

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Reaching Texas Independents

Who Will Debate Prop A on Vista Ridge in San Antonio?

Who Will Debate Prop A on Vista Ridge? Tuesday, October 16, 7 – 8 pm, Pan American Golf Association Clubhouse 2300 Avenue B, San Antonio 78215 For details, visit our Event Page Here Or invite your Facebook friends from here. Leading Water Attorney Agrees to Debate FOR Prop A Because of Vista Ridge; SAWS Chairman Berto Guerra Declines to Debate PROP A, Mayor Nirenberg now invited! At Tuesday’s San Antonio Water System (SAWS) board meeting some things happened that made[…]

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In Post-Harvey Texas Will Governor Abbott Allow a Manmade Disaster?

Is it possible that Governor Greg Abbott will intervene in this manmade disaster in the making – the draining of the oh so slow (in human terms) to recharge Simsboro – just 30 miles east of his residence? Some would say only God and Mother Nature “own” the Simsboro — humanity only stewards it. The Governor most needs to hear from you. His number is 512.463.2000. Ask for his intervention and pray for the divine too.

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RED ALERT! Stop the Vista Ridge Fast One on Tuesday — Milano, TX

This red alert signals a turning point in the Vista Ridge water project – aka the San Antone Hose.

WE URGE YOUR ATTENDANCE THIS TUESDAY – COME TO MILANO (MILAM COUNTY) on OCT. 3RD, 5:30 PM to put a halt to a fast one by the Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District at its office, 310 East Avenue C, Milano, TX 76556. As usual, the fast one concerns yet another favor by the Post Oak District to Vista Ridge.

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Time is flying! Legislature, remember our water & land???

Last minute changes to the Water Code are expected to come to the floor of the Senate TODAY by way of Rep. Lyle Larson’s (R-San Antonio) HB 31. Truthfully, Larson has already secured a big hand off for water marketers, especially Vista Ridge, with the passage of HB 2378. HB 2378 sets automatic renewals for export groundwater permits, enabling the water lobby to further maximize profits from mass movement of groundwater. This was unstoppable.

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We Applaud the Lost Post Pines Groundwater Conservation District!

We applaud the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District’s decision yesterday to extend the comment period on the proposed settlement with Forestar  Real Estate Group until December 16th. They have also cancelled their meeting this Wednesday (tomorrow) and have yet to put out a notice of when the District will deliberate on the decision, but we believe the date will be December 21st — so pencil that in. Please come to our meeting instead tomorrow night (see more below). We thank[…]

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