Ask Attorney General Greg Abbott to Step In for East Texans’ land and water!!

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Remember this CBS national news story on November 12th about Keystone XL's faulty construction? We just learned that the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, the federal agency that oversees the Keystone XL, has not adequately reinspected since this report.

It's now time to turn to the Attorney General Greg Abbott. Please read this. Then send the letter linked below in this message -- and please do it right away.

The Attorney General has broad powers.

If you live in Texas, sign this letter to Attorney General Abbott and it will be immediately sent to his office and copied to the three Commissioners on the Railroad Commission:

[emailpetition id="1"]

You can also print the "Dear Attorney General Abbott" letter right here have others to sign, then mail it to:

Office of the Attorney General
PO Box 12548
Austin, TX 78711-2548
or call (800) 252-8011

Please send a copy to your Congressman, your State Representative and your State Senator.  (To find their addresses go here.)

No matter where you live in Texas, you are invited to sign this. All for one and one for all, Texans!

This release was sent to statewide media. Please consider writing a letter to the editor about this of your local newspaper.

This Letter to Attorney General Greg Abbott from Public Citizen provides more details as to the safety issues.

There's lots more background and maps about how East Texas is affected at:

More soon. We hope to hear from you now!


  1. We need help on defending private property from pipelines. Texas politician enjoy reporting their dedication to private enterprise yet they are willing to use state power to enhance the goals of private citizens. Using state power is not allowing the market or free enterprise to work its way. Eminent domain is power of the state, not free enterprise. Our land has been devastated by a pipeline whose sole purpose is to make money for its owners. The state should not favor one citizen or company over the rights of a property owner unless the state admits their claims to private enterprise are false.

    1. Good to hear from you Martha — and thanks to you and Bob for speaking up and helping with several of the citizen hearings. Hope to see you guys real soon!

    2. This is crazy…..eminent domain to help Canada sell their oil when Texas is brimming with oil and natural gas! What are we? chopped liver? Oh yeah right, let’s bring in some foreign competition at our own peril. DUH

      Stand behind your fellow Texans in east Texas who are losing their property rights. SIGN THE LETTER TO GREG ABBOTT, A.G.

      You might say it’s not your concern. It could be you that loses the next scam they think up. Wouldn’t you want every Texan to stand up for YOUR rights? It’s a slippery slope once we sit still for ignoring our own self interest.

      Good work Linda Curtis….THANK YOU

  2. We need to get rid the texas lein to borrow on your property .It is so wrong for government to use your property for a loan scam of government waste and fraud.Make the owner of said property to exemept the property from being on .Ban government from using it to borrow without owner permission.Make owner land free and clear. City and state can not borrow againist to raise money for a ponzi scam. No Tax lein borrowing without the owner consent and goverment can not take owner property away.Also Federal government can not use that too method. It time to crush the abuse of Tax leins here in Texas.

  3. Make Texas have free oil for Texans .Stop shipping Texas oil to world.WE should have 25 cent gas and diesel.Get rid of all federal taxes. Make a state tax on every gallon of fuel for only the illegals pay and mexican trucks damage Texas roads.about $7.00 per gallon to cover the repair of Texas roads and briages.

    1. That’ll never happen. Energy companies, even Texas ones, are in it for the money. They keep talking about ‘energy independence’, but their actions tell another tale; The KXL is all about shipping Canadian tar sands oil to Texas for refining to then ship and sell to Asia for 4 times the amount on the American market. All the major energy companies fracking up mostly private property for gas are wanting to export LNG to Asia as well.

  4. There’s something terribly wrong when a corporation, especially a foreign one, can take an American rancher’s property against her will for their use and profit. I don’t care how many jobs it creates.

  5. Just more proof that the US incorporated government only cares about its corporate overlords profits and not the health of its citizens or the sustainability of their “nation”.

    It is basically a giant, for profit corporation that will pursue human extinction and even the extinction of all life, for profits of a paper currency that isn’t even backed by hard value.

    That is just how Stupid this country is.

    1. Yes, and they like to keep us stupid. Therefore, please get others to come to this site and engage with us. We’ll be putting out an important message over the next 24 hours asking folks to join us in Beaumont on Feb. 7th and/or to help in other ways. Thanks for chiming in James!

  6. While I think this is an excellent ‘media’ item to raise the issue, I hope nobody honestly expects Abbott to do anything that might inhibit ‘business’ in Texas… do you? In fact, my suspicion is that the KXL may well have been an oil industry ‘red herring’ designed to occupy the efforts of environmentalists while they began running oil trains & ‘repurposing’ other pipelines to convey the dilbit to Houston-area refineries while we’re all out in the boonies trying to stop KXL which, if past performance is any predictor of future actions, will be approved by the DoS once we enviros have exhausted ourselves & our comparatively limited finances (compare to the Kochtopus) trying to prevent it. The real question becomes: To what extent are we willing to go to prevent tar sands crude from coming to U.S. refineries?

  7. We’ve been KXL-alarmed for months and what has been done to
    actively stymie its progress? So far, it seems to have rolled on and over all the objections. Why? Who or what is propelling it?

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