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Don’t let the parties keep us deaf, dumb and blind.

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Don't let the two parties keep us deaf, dumb and blind. Read and share this newsletter.

In this LIV Newsletter:
►First Cruz/Beto Debate, Beto Scores Indy Points!
►LCRA Heats Up Water War in Simsboro counties east of Austin!
►Houston, THIS Sunday, Political Independents Conference at UH! (Details here!)
►San Antonio Debate Watch, October 16th. Details TBA.
►San Antonio & Austin City Halls Fight Petitions for Public Votes!

First Cruz/Beto Debate, Beto Scores,
Both Have Two More Chances!

Did you hear Beto O'Rourke say, in the debate with Ted Cruz last Friday, "I could care less about either party at this moment, at this deeply polarized time in our history?"

O'Rourke also referenced the $21 trillion federal debt, Ross Perot's "crazy aunt in the basement" that neither party talks about these days, and mentioned us -- "independents" -- throughout the debate.

Cruz stuck to his core Republican script. But, there are two more debates!

The next one is this coming THIS Sunday, September 30, 6-7 pm at the University of Houston.

It just so happens that LIV is hosting the Political Independents Conference this Sunday at the UH Hilton. The Concord Coalition is flying in Phil Smith to conduct a "Deficit Reduction Workshop!"  LIV will also be doing a candidate debate watch for independents of the second Cruz/O'Rourke Debates. Go here for all the dish and to sign up for this FREE event on Meetup.

Many thanks to Unite Houston for their assistance and guidance in getting this event together!

Both parties have abandoned any serious discussion of federal deficits and the towering federal debt. Who pays? We all do, but particularly incoming generations. This is not right, folks.


San Antonio Debate, October 16th

The exact time and place of the San Antonio and third debate between Ted Cruz and Beto O'Rourke has not been set yet.

We are delighted that foreign policy will be part of this debate. We are hearing from independents the same refrain on foreign policy:

When are we going to get out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen?

But, haven't you wondered why neither major party candidates are talking about that elephant in the room -- never-ending interventionist wars that bust our budget, our credibility and do real harm to masses of people across the globe, including our own?


LCRA Heats Up Water War in Simsboro Counties
East of Austin

The siege on the Simsboro formation of the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer just 35 miles east of where Gov. Greg Abbot sleeps is the dream of every water marketer and rogue municipal water utility, namely San Antonio Water System (SAWS). Now the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) has joined the party by expanding into selling groundwater and coming for yet another mega-permit on the Simsboro -- an aquifer that does not recharge in human-life span.

Hundreds of citizens in the Simsboro counties have sprung into action -- recently and for years!

It is up to voters to come together across partisan lines to stop the "California Water Model" of moving masses of water for development in dry areas from ravaging Texas.


San Antonio & Austin City Halls
Fight Petitions for Public Votes!

Austin: Austin Mayor Steve Adler and his majority Council voted to divert hundreds of millions of property tax dollars  and public land slated for affordable housing for a private soccer stadium deal. The final deal is being negotiated in secrecy and the final contract will not be reviewed or voted on by Council.

At the very same time, the Adler majority is attempting to squash petitions placed on the ballot for citizens to control major development decisions involving billions of dollars, Prop J, and for an independent financial audit, Prop K.



San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg is uniting the real estate lobby to defeat Props A, B and C. All measures deserve full consideration to vote YES, but LIV is most concerned about the passage of Prop A for fair petition requirements for voter referendum -- the mother of all reform in our municipalities.

Current rules in San Antonio for petitions for public votes on repealing a City Council action is 75,000 signatures in only 40 days. The state of Texas sets rules for petitions to amend city charters. Those petitions require no MORE THAN 20,000 signatures in 180 days.

If San Antonio voters had Prop A's petition requirements in place when the $3.4 billion, and growing, Vista Ridge water and ratepayer grab was forced on them, this would have stopped this destructive project in its tracks. This is why the real estate related lobbies and City Hall insiders are now fully engaged, promising to spend $2 million to defeat all propositions, with Prop A in the bullseye.


  • October 16, LIV is holding a community event and debate watch in San Antonio for independent voters around the last Beto/Cruz debate. We'll also talk more about Prop A. Stay tuned for details.
  • October 20, in San Antonio: LIV will speak at the Homeowner-Taxpayers Association of Bexar County, at the Downtown Luby's at 911 N. Main, 10-12 pm.
  • Check out San Antonio First for more on Props A, B and C.
  • Watch the video (Produced by LIV in 2015) on Vista Ridge, "I Oppose the San Antone Hose."

Folks, we cannot let the two major parties keep us deaf, dumb and blind.

Pass this on and become a dues paying member of the LIV.

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