Late notice eminent domain hearing Monday

Eminent Domain Hearing Monday!

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Please come to the Capitol for this Eminent Domain Hearing Monday!

As most of you know, my organization supports much of the work Farm Bureau and Texans for Property Rights is doing at the State Legislature to reform eminent domain.  We also work with other groups on this issue.

I know it's short notice but we just learned that the omnibus bill that Senator Kolkhorst authored is up in State Affairs in the Senate Chamber at 9 am this coming Monday March 4.  Though it is several bills down on the list, this omnibus bill can be moved to the front of the line and be first up on Monday.

See the reforms listed below in this announcement and in the attached bill.  If you can testify, we'd all love to have you.  If you know others who can, please forward and ask them to let either I or Farm Bureau know.

If you can't go, you can email a Senator by sending an email to and tell their representative to support this bill.

CHAIR   Joan Huffman  - 512.463.0117
VICE-CHAIR   Bryan Hughes - 512.463.0101

Brian Birdwell - 512.463.0122
Brandon Creighton - 512.463.0104
Pat Fallon - 512.463.0130
Bob Hall - 512.463.0102
Eddie Lucio, Jr. - 512.463.0127
Jane Nelson - 512.463.0112
Judith Zaffirini - 512.463.0121

Rita Beving
Texas Landowners for Eminent Domain Reform

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