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The Big Freeze: We Shall Not Forget

April 12 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm CDT

Big Freeze forum

Who made billions off the Big Freeze disaster while we were freezing in our homes? Don't be surprised if the Legislature tries to bury the bodies on this one, and it becomes the central issue in the 2022 election. Voters will not forget, especially millions of independent, non-aligned Texans who can swing elections in the not-so-great state of Texas. You're gonna love this!

Moderator:  Mark Miller
Speakers (in order):  Virginia Palacios, Paul Robbins & Bill King
Resource experts will be on hand from TxFEB
(go to the TxFEB site now to send a message for your legislators)

Our panelists come from a variety of perspectives. They are author, attorney and policy wonk, Bill King, Executive Director of the newly formed non-profit Commission Shift, Virginia Palacios and the data, fact and science driven Austin-based consumer/environmental advocate, Paul Robbins.

This forum will be moderated by the ever-capable Mark Miller, former UT Petroleum Engineering faculty member and LIV Advisor. And, we will have sitting in as resource experts following the bills in this legislative session from TxFEB, the new coalition advocating for small retail electricity providers and Texas ratepayers.

Register for this free event at this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Ts6rZ9xFQ2quIoVeRGweMQ

Reach us at LIV directly here: info@independentleaguetx.org or call LIV at 512.213.4511.

Scroll down to the end of this page for your homework for this forum. Yes, we're serious about becoming the MOST educated voters on either side of the Pecos.  See you soon!

Panelists & Moderator Bios

Virginia Palacios, Executive Director of the new non-profit, Commission Shift

Virginia Palacios, Executive Director of the new non-profit, Commission Shift

Virginia Palacios is Executive Director of Commission Shift, a new nonprofit focused on reforming oil and gas oversight in Texas through accountability at the Railroad Commission.  Virginia is a ninth-generation Tejana from Webb County, Texas, one of the highest gas-producing counties in the state.  She has over 14 years' experience working on environmental issues, including five years as a research analyst on Environmental Defense Fund's oil and gas team,  where she authored reports and contributed to analyses on methane emissions from oil and gas production in the Barnett Shale region, chemicals in produced water and flowback water, vented and flared gas in Texas, and methane emission leaks from local distribution pipelines in cities. Virginia was State and Local Policy Manager at a regional energy-efficiency organization called SPEER, where she assembled a collaborative group of investor-owned utilities, energy efficiency companies, and environmental groups to discuss ways to advance energy efficiency policy in Texas.  Before she started Commission Shift, she worked as a consultant for a variety of groups including Green Latinos, a national environmental advocacy group, and Rio Grande International Study Center -Laredo's local environmental nonprofit.

Paul Robbins, a consumer/environmental advocate, has kept Austin Energy on its toes for decades.

Paul Robbins  has been keeping Austin Energy on its toes for decades as a consumer advocate and environmentalist since 1977. In the early 1980s, he helped start the City of Austin’s nationally renowned clean energy programs. He has written extensively on green business and technologies, as well as articles on clean energy and energy policy, food and the environment, recycling, and green building. Paul has produced the Austin Environmental Directory -- a free gift to Austin residents -- since 1995. Read Paul's March 8 presentation to the Presentation to the Joint Meeting of Electric Utility Commission and Resource Management Commission.

Bill King is a life-long resident of the Houston area. He has enjoyed a varied career as a businessman and a lawyer. He began his career with a turbulent, and ultimately

Bill King: Author, Attorney, Policy Leader and unapologetic political moderate.

unsuccessful, foray in the savings & loan industry in the 1980s. His experience in that industry is retold in his 2009 book, Saving Face.

King became a published author in 2004 with an opinion essay in the Houston Chronicle on hurricane evacuation. That essay lead to a 10-year relationship with the Chronicle and the publication of over 400 columns and editorials. From 2011-2015, Bill was a member of the Chronicle’s editorial board. In 2015, Bill published a compilation of his columns in Unapologetically Moderate.

In 1996, Bill was elected to the Kemah City Council. He later served as mayor of Kemah from 2001-2005. He was a candidate for mayor of Houston in 2015. He came in second in the general election but narrowly lost the run-off, in the closest mayoral election in Houston’s history. Throughout his life Bill has had a strong interest in a wide range of social, environmental and political issues. He has served on the boards of Interfaith Ministries, the Galveston Bay Foundation, Texas Southern University, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Fire Fighters Foundation of Houston, Memorial Hermann Foundation, Houston Methodist Debakey Heart and Vascular Center Advisory Council, CYCLE, the HISD Foundation and many others.

The Bill King blog is a compilation of his writings. His full bio can be found here on the Bill King blog.

Mark Miller, LIV Advisory Committee

Former UT Faculty Petroleum Engineer, LIV's doctor of democracy, Mark Miller.

Dr. Mark Miller enjoyed a long and varied career in the oil and gas industry – petroleum engineer, University of Texas faculty member, worldwide consultant, and small business owner. In 2014 and 2016, he was the Libertarian Party nominee for Texas Railroad Commissioner, a position that regulates the state’s oil and gas industry. In 2016, Mark received all of the endorsements of Texas’ major newspapers and managed to garner the 5% of the vote required to retain ballot access for the Libertarian Party.

Miller authored a book about reforming the Texas Railroad Commission, Oil & Gas and the Texas Railroad Commission, Lessons for Regulating a Free Society. Miller serves on the LIV Advisory Board.

Prepare for this Forum.
Here's your homework!
You can also send us your questions now to info@independentleaguetx.org.


The Big Freeze (Uri) event will be conducted on Zoom (remember, you can also simply call-in) -- but, again, we require that you register for this event by sending an email to us with your name, city or county to info@independentleaguetx.org. OR, we always love a good ole fashioned phone call to 512.213.4511. Leave your name, phone number and city/county.

We hope to see y'all at this important event ==>
get ready for some independent activism!



April 12
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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  1. Linda Curtis, unfortunately I will be at the Capitol tomorrow from 9 am until whenever! I hope this will be archived so it’s available if one cannot join. LOVE that you assigned homework prep!!

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