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Putting the Public Back in Public Utilities

June 23, 2020 @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm CDT


Do you think we need to put the public back in our public utilities?

If you want to join our conference call, send an email to info@independentleaguetx.org or call our main line at 512.213.4511 or call Reinette King at 210.241.2683. We will send you instructions.  We would also love to chat with you individually before or after the call.

The meeting is especially relevant for all those affected throughout the central Texas region by the decisions made at SAWS (San Antonio Water System), to push the Vista Ridge water pipeline despite it's unintended consequences.

Take a moment to read this breaking news on SAWS dumping the most expensive water in Texas -- Vista Ridge!

Don't let landowners get screwed again by End Op, Lost PINES!

Tired of public utilities that act like private special interests? Be on this June 23rd conference call!

TOPICS for the call presented by experts:
Why has Vista Ridge continued the generate opposition?
Why is the project dumping (wasting) water, who knew about it and what is being done about it?
What are the implications for 1.3M SAWS ratepayers?
What should and can we do about the problems?
More about the SAWS Accountability Act with petitioning starting soon in San Antonio!

Visit the SAWS Accountability Act at this page for all the dish, including the petition itself.

Before the call, we also highly recommend you read this opinion-editorial by Terry Burns, MD (Alamo Sierra Club), published in February 2019, in the San Antonio Express-News.

We also invite local and state officials and media to hop on the call.

Thank you!


June 23, 2020
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
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Conference Call


Linda Curtis


  1. We are long-time residents of San Antonio and have watched over the years the constantly increasing costs of SAWS water and other services. And we understand that SAWS and CPS Energy are major sources of income for the city and county but we — the residents cannot continue to be the primary sources of income for the three of you — city, county and SAWS itself. For instance, the domestic water service charge seems to be fair but the water supply fee is outrageous, ostensibly to pay for the Vista Ridge new supply, and then we learn that SAWS is pouring thousands of gallons of that water out into streets and streams as not useful or in excess of our needs – such a waste and we continue to pay for this horrible management. Why are we, San Antonio residents, paying a Federal Storm Water fee. That is simply another tax camouflaged as a necessary fee. Wrong!! And our Sewer Service Charge has doubled from previous years even when our winter usage has been less than previous years. Next Mr. Puente’s salary and bonuses are outrageous! He and the other senior SAWS officials need their remunerations cut by at least half. Finally SAWS needs an annual audit in all of its departments to validate the spending and operations of the company. The oversight board of directors is not doing its job in that category. In fact, the city and county might do well to investigate and actually consider moving SAWS into a private company where profits are meaningful and drive good operations, spending is controlled and employees are paid fairly but well.

    General Charlie Bishop

    1. Thank you for your comments, General Bishop.

      We will be discussing the SAWS Accountability Act — and how it remedies the problems — on this Zoom/teleconference. (Truthfully, the coalition backing this would not like to privatize either of the utilities, but we do appreciate your sentiments.)

      Please use the contact information in the post above if you would like to join us.

      Linda Curtis for LIV

  2. Unfortunately I have a conflict and cannot attend. Will this be recorded and posted some where that it can be listened to later? I agree with your position.

    1. We are going to try to record it and make it available — though it might be for members only. Have you joined LIV yet? Membership starts at just $10 for the year. We are an all-volunteer organization, and every little bit helps. We would also love to chat with you anytime, Pamela. Thank you! Linda Curtis for LIV, 512.213.4511.

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