Our Land, Our Water, Our Democracy LIV Lobby Day March 5th

Indies Split Your Ticket!

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Indies Split Your Ticket! Remember, this is the first election without straight ticket voting, a reform we support despite voter suppression here in Texas.

The following message is also now posted here at Change.org where folks can take the Texas indie pledge to split their ticket! Please share it from there or forward this message. You good folks of San Antonio, come visit our petition tables at selected early poll sites. Pandemic or not, here we indies come!

Take the independent Texan Pledge!

From the League of Independent Voters of Texas (LIV), the only non-partisan, non-profit voter association for non-aligned voting Texans.

The Democrats see a blue wave, the Republicans a red wall.

We independents see purple because we want it all – all-out competitive elections.

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“If we really want to know who is responsible for the mess we're in, all we have to do is look in the mirror. You and I own this country, and we are responsible for what happens to it.” Ross Perot, a Texas independent

THE INDEPENDENT TEXAN PLEDGE:  I pledge to take full responsibility for my vote by casting my vote for candidates and on issues I have studied.


LIV is not a party and does not endorse candidates. We also respect the fact that you have likely already made many of your choices, especially in the presidential race.

However, since this is the first election following the elimination of straight ticket voting in Texas, LIV hopes you “swing voters” will use and share our guide for HOW to vote in this election.

THE GREAT IRONY -- WHO is turning Texas “bluer.”

The voter suppression shenanigans by Republicans harm their own rural and elderly supporters. So why are they doing it?

They figured out the “blue wave” coming at Texas is of their own creation. They failed over the last decade to defend rural Texans from eminent domain abuse by big oil, and water grabs by big real estate. It was all to fuel the Texas “growth machine” – to bring as many people here as possible - while offloading the costs of growth (water, roads, etc.) onto current residents.

Guess what! The majority of these Texas newcomers are NOT Republican, they are Democrats and independents.

Not to be outdone in service of the Texas growth machine, most big municipal Democrats are even more hooked on growth. While they talk a good game about the “poor,” they push subsidies to the developer lobby that drive poverty, homelessness and displacement.

LIV supports sustainable, natural growth. We have long opposed the “Californification” of our water policy as in the Vista Ridge water pipeline foisted on 1.8 million ratepayers of San Antonio Water System (SAWS). As “The Hose” threatens the aquifers east of Austin and the mighty Edwards, the source of San Antonio’s drinking water...this water is heading for the Texas Hill Country!

Do you hear anyone in public office talking about these mega-issues? The silence from both parties is deafening, while homelessness and food insecurity mount.

It is only a matter of time for an independent electoral revolt in Texas. That will not come in this election, but YOU – dear unaligned Texas voters – can set the stage. Here’s how:


Remember: If you don’t understand something on your ballot or don’t know the candidates, get the information you need.

You can call LIV at 512.213.4511 but try first to follow these instructions.

1.     San Antonians (city voters), come sign petitions at selected early poll sites to put the SAWS Accountability Act on the May 2021 ballot. You non-San Antonians, help us spread the word.

Visit SAWSAct.org or call 210.807.7273

Petitioners (a growing coalition!) need 20,000 signatures on paper (so you can print and mail it or visit petitioners at early poll sites), to file by the end of 2020. SAWS Act petitioners are also teaming up with CPS reform petitioners to put the public back in our public utilities!

2.     Vote down (AGAINST) any tax measures that are confusing, rely on “bait and switch tactics”, or impose more financial burden in this moment of economic downturn.  There is no harm in taking a WAIT and SEE approach on new spending as we expect another election in May 2021. Remember, cities cannot print money!

Example A:  The Austin City Council unanimously placed a  $7+ BILLION rail proposal (Prop A) on the ballot, carrying huge and permanent tax burdens. To calculate costs (also passed on to renters), go to: VoicesofAustin.org.

Example B: The San Antonio City Council pulled a typical tax bait and switch by removing long-standing Edwards Aquifer protections from your city ballot in favor of a complicated switch of those funds to a temporary job training program before diverting those funds again to funding for the VIA bus system. Is this the right time and are these the right mechanisms for funding? To add to the confusion is confusing ballot language.

We believe these proposals can wait for after we begin economic recovery.

For more info:  See Fernando Centeno’s comment on this San Antonio Report article.

3.     Cross party lines in contested races to elect a more balanced legislature and county commissioner’s courts. One-party rule by either party just isn’t cool. Our system of government depends on everyone being at the table. And, don’t forget our minor party options – Libertarians and Greens – who have had to fight both parties for the last two years for their basic right to be on the ballot.

4.     Put the Austin Democratic establishment on notice for making non-partisan city council elections, partisan. City council races are on the same ballot with this highly partisan election for U.S. President. We suggest you refrain from voting for those who are supporting the $7+ billion rail project and the Mayor’s land development code rewrite. For that, you gotta do your homework, Austin! We suggest you review TheAustinBulldog and TheAustinIndependent.

Mask up and bring a pen, chair, sanitizer and plenty of patience with you to the poll.

The two-parties are bringing this on themselves. The future is ours, Texas indies!

To keep in touch, please sign in at our website or give us a call at 512.213.4511.

Happy voting, y'all!

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