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Last Night in Lost Pines

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Last night in the Lost Pines, the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District tabled any decision to appeal Judge Carson Campbell’s ruling that granted four landowners the right to be parties at a hearing on the groundwater mega-permit granted to Recharge/End Op by the District. The Judge also revoked the permit, pending that hearing.

The Lost Pines District has until February 3 to take the issue off the table and make a decision OR they can leave it on the table and let it die, in which case, the Judge’s ruling stands. That would be fine with us!

Just remember, this 4-year battle  immediately affects those who live over the aquifer east of Austin, as well as residents of Hays, Travis and Williamson counties, to which the water could be exported.

Here’s today’s article in the Bastrop Advertiser/Statesman.

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PS Did you catch how End Op changed their name to Recharge Water? Do you think they know that the water they seek comes from an aquifer that barely recharges?


  1. Enthusiastic and supportive of your efforts but question how they pertain to we residents of Burleson County living near the extraction wells. Have we been abandoned by the Post Oak Savana Groundwater Conservation District , Lee county and the LPGCD.

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