Marvin Nichols Reservoir

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Citizens, local officials and local business leaders of NE Texas have joined hands for 14 years to fight the Marvin Nichols Reservoir. It would flood 70,000 acres of prime farm and timber land for a reservoir that would provide water for the city of Dallas. While some cities, like San Antonio, continues to reduce their water use, per capita use is going up in Texas. Dallas has a long way to go to conserve water and we're told that the city for some unknown reason continues to guard data on their water use. The chart in this article, based on 2011 figures from the Texas Water Development Board, tells you some of the story: Drought Fuels Rising Tide of Texas Water Conservation | Climate Central.

Those who pushed Proposition 6 -- the water amendment -- that passed overwhelmingly in November 2013, though well-intentioned, told us that we shouldn't worry about the state pushing reservoirs. Why? Because they take too long to build, require too much money and land and have 50% evaporation rates. But guess what. They were wrong!

Rep. Lyle Larson (R-San Antonio), Sen. Troy Fraser (R-Horseshoe Bay) and other legislative leaders are making it clear that if they continue to meet resistance on projects like the Marvin Nichols, they will move to undermine what little local control is left on water resources in 2015. We must not let them force this project on the people of NE Texas and flood 70,000 acres of prime farm and timber land. Get ready to flood the legislature in 2015 after you read Larson's Balkanization of Texas water must end - San Antonio Express-News.

This piece, "This Land is Your Land Until Dallas Needs It" in the Texas Monthly, is based on an interview with Rep. David Simpson, who represents the area and owns his own timber company that will be put out of business for this wasteful project.

Read this post about the Marvin Nichols and hold on to your hats, y'all. The right to stop the flooding of 70,000 acres of prime farm and ranch land is on...again.

Say no to the Marvin Nichols.

You can also join this Facebook page dedicated to No on Marvin Nichols.

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