The world turns May 20

May 20 LIV Newsletter: As the world turns

As the world turns, so do we here at LIV. We encourage your feedback by using the comments on our blog. Just follow the links for each individual article, or comment on this main newsletter page. And please share any of this with your Texas independent pals using our lavish share buttons or forward this message.

In this May 20 LIV Newsletter: (scroll down for more on these topics)

  What do Angus King & Rand Paul Have In Common? The Prime Act (HR 2859) Action Request!
►  SD 14 Oh-So-Special Election to Replace Kirk Watson
  CodeNEXT battle in Austin Update
  Vote by Mail Ruling Just Now!

Mark your calendar!

  SAWS Accountability Act and Vista Ridge Audit Petition Drive Conference Call, June 27th. See LIV Event page.

We highly recommend you check these out:

    Mark Cuban on Amanpour & Company. “Recent COVID-19 Crisis Leadership a “Crap Show
    Rivard Report Editorial (San Antonio): “Pandemic is No Time to Deny Public’s Right to Know
    Lee Drutman’s new book, “Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop

Next Issue:

   Is there such a thing as a “People’s Billionaire”? Should Cuban run indie for Prez – Part II.
    SAWS, CPS and Open Government Violations Pandemic
►    SD 14 Special Election Update
►   The Poor People’s Campaign Digital March on June 20


►    What do Angus King (I-ME) and Rand Paul (R-KY) have in common? The Prime Act. It speaks to what we should DO about our beginning to crack food system. Whack monopolization of meat-packing by 4 mega-corporations. And stop turning our heads to the unsafe, unhealthy working conditions and cruelty to our farm animals.  Read this, then call your two US Senators and your US House Member.


Senate District 14 Oh-So-Special Election to Replace Kirk Watson: SD 14, covering much of Travis County and all of Bastrop County, is having a special election aka a “blanket” or “jungle” primary on July 14th.  All candidates run together in the first round. If no one gets 50% plus one votes, a runoff takes place. With 6 candidates running – two of them big names in Central Texas — this could get hot! LIV does not endorse, but will be asking you to share this SD-14 page and the tough LIV questionnaire with candidate answers to be posted on May 30. Lots more here on our regularly updated SD 14 Special Election page.

Austin CodeNEXT Update: Austin neighborhood advocates, small business owners, and other members of the Austin community scored a huge victory on March 18, when Travis County District Judge Jan Soifer issued a ruling supporting Austinites’ right to protest City Hall’s controversial rezoning plan. Note: That doesn’t mean the next CodeNEXT has gone away. Its supporters are still trying to come up with ways to “densify” Austin’s existing neighborhoods without the consent of the people who live in them. More here from Community Not Commodity.

Federal judge says all Texas voters can apply to vote by mail during pandemic. The Texas Tribune points out there will still be an appeal at the Texas Supreme Court. Those of you who want to apply for an absentee ballot can try to do so with your county elections department and watch for the Supremes to weigh in.

That’s all she wrote, folks!

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