Property Taxes

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Since 2006 the controversy over property taxes in Texas has continued to heat up. That's when the Texas Association of Appraisal Districts released their comprehensive study, Texas legislators have known that commercial properties across the state are undervalued -- on average -- by 40%, totaling about $4 billion loss to taxing authorities across the state.

In the Austin metropolitan area, commercial real estate investor and whistle-blower, Brian Rodgers, also did his own study and found speculative raw land similarly undervalued. What's more, he found that million+ dollar homes in Austin are undervalued by 25%.

What about homeowners? According to Rodger's studies in the Austin area, they are appraised at or even just above the maximum allowed by law.

Go to this section of if you want the evidence and get ready for the 2015 legislative session by joining the League.

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