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Many good and well-informed people have tried and failed  to get SAWS officials and the City of San Antonio to order a proper audit of the $3B Vista Ridge water pipeline, the driver of 58% rate hikes over the last 5 years.

In fact, SAWS, CPS and the City have even engaged in spending taxpayer dollars on secretive legal action to thwart citizen's petitions.

LIV helped to lead the coalition (SAWS Act PAC) that petitioned for a public vote on the SAWS Accountability Act. We failed to meet our petition goal -- due to COVID -- but harassment from SAWS and the City definitely slowed us down. The good news is tens of thousands of San Antonians signed petitions and are aware of the problem -- and the need to put the public back into our public utilities.

The Big Freeze (winter storm Uri) has also exposed serious challenges to SAWS and CPS management and ratepayers.

What is needed is a full investigation by the Legislature into SAWS and Vista Ridge and a Special Commission and Special Session on the Big Freeze.

Only WE Texans can make this happen. Do this, please!

  1.  Reach your Texas State Representative and Senator to ask for an investigation into SAWS/Vista Ridge and a special commission and special session on the Big Freeze. Call the Capitol Switchboard to be connected: 512.463.4639. Then, reach the Governor to urge his support at 512.463.2000, or go to
  2. Vote in the local election! See more below.

Please visit the SAWS Act PAC Questionnaires filled out by 34 candidates running for Mayor and City Council in May 2021. (Early voting begins on April 19th).

SAWS Act PAC Mayor and City Council Questionnaires here.

And, visit LIV's webpage on The Big Freeze.

LIV recently decided to allow for endorsements of candidates in non-partisan races. But, only in communities with local LIV Chapters.

New Local LIV Chapter --
N. San Antonio League of Independent Voters!

We will soon have a full report about the San Antonio City Council Election. For a good review, you might read this Brendan Gibbons article in the San Antonio Report, on Sunday, May 2.

Congratulations to two candidates endorsed by the N. San Antonio LIV -- Councilman Clayton Perry who handily won reelection in District 10, and Patrick Von Dohlen in District 9, who will be in a runoff against incumbent John Courage.

Visit back in a few days and read more about what we have to say about this election -- and the runoffs on June 5th.

Thank you ahead of time for reaching your legislators and for voting!

Call us at 210.807.7273 for more information, or send an email to

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