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SAWS & LCRA, bringing people together! Join the stream Saturday, make some calls, y’all!

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SAWS (San Antonio’s public water utility) and the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA, a quasi-governmental agency) have joined the ranks of private water marketers in the groundwater conveyance business.

In so doing, they are bringing citizens across Texas and the partisan divide together – whether we like it or not!

Please help spread the word about this urgently important and streamed event -- "Cross Community Alliances" in San Antonio from 10 am to noon AND join the stream before it dries up!

Keep reading for more on what you can do.

Ever since SAWS’ 2014 push for the Vista Ridge “San Antone Hose” water pipeline to Burleson County, the burden on SAWS ratepayers and our entire region has remained opaque. (We tried to get this well-documented Vista Ridge white paper out. It was never disputed by SAWS.)

It’s all coming into focus now. SAWS lobbyists are pushing this session for legislation to allow SAWS to sell Edwards Aquifer water outside its area. Guess whose water will make the difference? That's right. It's those who live over the Simsboro 142-miles away!

Vista Ridge -- SAWS' "game changer -- is purely about real estate development and pure greed, NOT about sustainable development.

Now enters the LCRA pushing for another "mega-permit" for 25,000 acre-feet of groundwater per year from the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District. Bastrop landowners showed up in force at Monday’s Senate Water and Rural Affairs Committee.

Watch these incredible citizens give the author of SB606 – and their own Senator, Kirk Watson -- a run for the real estate money.

Here’s what you can do!

  • Jump on the stream this Saturday from 10 am to noon. You do not have to have a Facebook account to watch. Review what's on this Event Page here Then, just go here to LIV’s Facebook page.
  • Call Senator Kirk Watson at 512-463-0114. Urge him to amend his LCRA Sunset Legislation (SB606) to include keeping the LCRA out of the groundwater conveyance business. Urge him to get the LCRA to stick to its mission:  Protecting the Colorado River.
  • Call your State Representative and Senator -- find them here. Is your Representative a Simsboro official? They are: Rep. John Cyrier at (512) 463-0682, Rep. Terry Wilson at (512) 463-0309, Rep. Ben Leman at (512) 463-0600, Sen. Lois Kolkhorst at (512) 463-0118, Sen. Charles Schwertner at (979) 776-0222 and Sen. Kirk Watson at (512) 463-0114.Urge her or him to stand ready to defeat any legislation that allows SAWS to sell Edwards Aquifer water outside the boundaries of the Edwards Aquifer Authority -- currently prohibited. Then, ask them what they’re doing to keep the LCRA focused on its mission. Ask them to reach Senator Watson to urge that he amend SB606 as stated above.

Let us know how things went by posting a comment at the end of this news piece . Scroll down and post a comment. Or send us an email at:

Got questions? Call us or reply to this message. Hoping to see you in San Antonio or on the stream.


  1. Having experienced years of my families land being taken illegally has caused me great frustration. An illegal underground water district was formed by some men from Gonzales and captured our Carrizo Aquifers water supply in 1990. Today the Gonzales Underground Water District controls our water without our permission and knowledge.

    Texas Democrats and Republicans are fraudulent in business dealings with the water system as it stands and Kirk Watson is just making it legal with the bill (SB606). They already control the farmer and rancher underground water without their Knowledge. Fortunately, it is now being discovered by groups that want to take back our freedom of owning our own water rights in the aquifers. It is a little late but I am hoping and praying people will stand with you.

    Love and Respect

    Myrlene Johnston Jack
    GG-Granddaughter of General Sam Houston and Margaret Moffet Houston (5x)

    1. Thank you for commenting, Myrlene. We share many concerns about the groundwater districts. The fact is that there is so much dishonesty at all levels of government, it gets hard to defend “them.” We do know that the business and government lobbies are working together in a very short-sighted way to fuel real estate growth. What we can do about it is the subject of our next message, so keep an eye out.

      We also want everyone to join LIV this year. We need the dues to keep us going and we need the numbers to have the clout to redirect legislators to do the right thing or be seen for who they are — operatives for those who take for themselves.

      It’s nice to know we have the respect of the GG-Granddaughter of General Sam Houston and Margaret Moffet Houston (5x)! Thank you!

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