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Thanks to these endorsers of the SAWS Accountability Act -- Alamo Sierra Club, Bexar County Green Party, Homeowner Taxpayers Association of Bexar County, Joshua Initiative, LULAC El Concilio Zapatista 4383, Poor People's Campaign, San Antonio Making Bureaucracies Accountable (SAMBA), League of Independent Voters (LIV) Texans for Reform and Freedom (TURF) -- petitioning to place the the SAWS Accountability Act on the May 2021 ballot begins in July 2020 and will end in January 2021!

Don't let landowners get screwed again by End Op, Lost PINES!

Tired of getting screwed by SAWS?

Petitioning to start in July 2020!

SAWS rate hikes are to pay for the most expensive water in Texas coming from the  bloated $2.8B (SAWS' latest figure) Vista Ridge water pipeline project to serve developer demands. A result of this big mistake are now the lifting of protections for San Antonio's main source of drinking water -- the mighty Edwards aquifer. Is it not time for SAWS' bosses on the San Antonio City Council to get the rogue SAWS under control?

The SAWS Accountability act, if passed by San Antonio voters, will:

• Ratchet back Puente's outrageous pay -- $600K per year!

• Set firm term limits on SAWS leadership.

• Rein in SAWS lobbying to become water brokers of central Texas off rate payer's backs.

• Secure an audit of Vista Ridge AND audits of any $1 billion or more projects BEFORE contracts are signed.

Don't forget to read and print both pages of the petition and carefully read the Petition Instructions linked below!

We suggest you start circulating the petition in July -- but be careful with your social distancing, please. You might prefer to mail it, or send the link via digital means and suggest folks print and sign it and mail it in to us. We urge you to follow up with your mailer by calling too.

SAWS Accountability Act -- Print BOTH pages!

Print Petition Instructions here. Print our 2 per page flier here. Here is a Spanish version of the flier -- Votemos Sobre La Ley de Responsabilidad De SAWS version of the flier.

More Background --
We've Done the Homework for YOU!

This SAWS Accountability Letter  sent on February 19, 2020, notified the Mayor and Council that we are no longer waiting for them to take responsibility for SAWS' mess. (We've been waiting since March 2019 for action by anyone on the Council -- to no avail.)

This 11-page exceptionally well documented paper about the history of how the Vista Ridge project was foisted on SAWS ratepayers and those who depend on the aquifers 142 miles away. It was sent in August 2019 to central Texas officials all the way to the Governor's office.

This Vista Ridge page covers the years of work to bring this public-private project, and all of its implications, out into the sunshine for a fully transparent and independent audit.

Read the Report of our June 23, 2020 Conference Call -- and the most up-to-date efforts in the LIV News section.

For more information, call 210.807.7273 (landline), or text Alice Canestaro-Garcia at 210.639-3622 or email Reinette King,

Muchas gracias, y'all!

Video about why I Oppose the San Antone Hose

"I Oppose the San Antone Hose" video.

Donate online -- see button below -- OR by sending a check to SAWS Act PAC, PO Box 33402, SA, TX 78265. Donations are not tax deductible. Thank YOU!

Watch this 2015 short documentary on how Vista Ridge was rammed on SAWS ratepayers and landowners 142 miles away in Burleson and Milam counties over an aquifer under siege by big real estate and privateering water marketers.